Mariah Carey always surprises her fans with a new record almost every Christmas. However, she dropped a rather shocking secret behind those successes.

Carey seemingly became the Queen of the Holiday Season ever since she released "All I Want For Christmas Is You" decades ago.

After her hit song reached another milestone this 2020, she finally shared a secret that artists like her get from it.

On December 25, Carey's holiday song officially hit 17.223 million streams on Spotify. The number took the top spot in the streaming service's all-time record for the biggest single-day streams.

Carey retweeted Chart Data's post about her record, adding that some people think that she is making a lot of money from it.

"WOW I know people think I'm making "coin" (lil' secret: artists make very little from streams) but the real reason I'm sitting here in astonishment & gratitude is seeing the joy this little song I wrote brings to people," she wrote.

For what it's worth, Mariah Carey's Christmas hit also conquered Billboard Hot 100 songs chart. According to Nielsen Music/MRC Data, it garnered 31.4 million US streams and sold over 7,000 downloads during the December 10 week.

On December 13, it also gained 27.1 million radio airplay audience impressions.

While "All I Want For Christmas Is You" and other Mariah Carey songs always top charts, it does not really give her pocket so much money.

Fans Congratulate the Queen

Despite not focusing so much on the "coin," Carey received love and support from her fans.

One supporter said, "You deserve every single 'coin' Queen and then some! You've consistently brought such love, joy and light to this world and for that you can never be repaid...Merry Christmas ilysm."

"She basically said y'all little streams ain't shit compared to what i got in the bank. merry Christmas queen!" another one added.

How Much "All I Want For Christmas Is You" Makes Per Year?

Currently, Carey's net worth is around $300 million to $520 million.

Most of her earnings comes from record contracts and sponsorship deals. Still, she can easily continue to have a whopping amount, thanks to her Christmas song.

According to an article posted by The Economist back in 2017, the 1994 song has already made $460 million since its release.

In the UK alone, the song brings her $500,000 in royalties each year.

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