"Wonder Woman 1984" failed to meet the expectations of fans and critics and fans, so much so that it immediately garnered some slighlty negative reviews after its Christmas release.

Before this year ends, director Patty Jenkins and the film's lead star, Gal Gadot, agreed to release the film regardless of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Such a risky and bold move raised the eyebrows of some DC directors. Despite that, the team behind the movie pushed through to debut the new "Wonder Woman" film during the holidays.

Unfortunately, the hype did not last long as the first batch of moviegoers shared their negative reviews after watching the "Wonder Woman 1984" full movie.

What Went Wrong in "Wonder Woman 1984"

Among other Warner Bros.' DCEU films, Gadot's flick is the first high-profile feature to face delays.

To make the most out of it, its creators packed the movie with breathtaking action scenes--from returning to Diana's past life and the superhero's encounter with the villains.

However, David Rooney of The Hollywood Reporter pointed out in his "Wonder Woman 1984" review that the film suffered from over-plotting. Hence, it lost the balance on the latter part.

He also pointed out that while the "Wonder Woman 1984" cast excited the fans during the trailer, their appearance became less interesting in the film.

Pedro Pascall and Kristen Wigg's characters also failed to get more spotlight, making people questioned their true roles.

Meanwhile, what should have been a superhero movie seemingly became a romantic comedy film.

Per Vox' Alex Abad-Santos, "Wonder Woman 1984" lacked loud action scenes. Instead, it focused on Diana having a second chance with Steve.

For critics like him, some of the movie's screen time should have been dedicated to scenes that could have highlighted Wonder Woman's power.

But the editing chose to lead people in recalling the past and feeling nostalgic about it.

In the end, these critics' reviews perfectly explained why Gadot's film received an underwhelming treatment on the big screens.

Fans Feel Disappointed, Too

Even the long-time fans of the DC Extended Universe and "Wonder Woman" franchise also expressed their disappointment toward the film.

"#WonderWoman1984 was a major letdown. What a mess of a movie. Great parts Hans Zimmer Score, Kristen Wiig and Pedro Pascal," one fan said on Twitter. "Certain plot point really ruins this movie for me. Lacks the emotion and heart the first film had. Very disappointing but not awful."

Another one added, "It felt like Wonder Woman was a supporting character in the Maxwell Lord movie."

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