Rita Ora talked openly about how a fear debilitated or affected her whole 20s. According to her, she spent that whole era worried about eventually being diagnosed with breast cancer. 

She has had valid concerns about getting the cancer though, because her mom Vera Sahatciu battled the disease in 2005, as reported by Daily Mail UK

The singer, 30 said she occassionally suffered panic attacks after her mother, 56, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. Her mom had undergone a partial mastectomy.

Rita Ora Mom

She revealed that indirectly, having a mom who had cancer made her experience symptoms of PTSD in her teenage years. This condition was the result from the immense responsibility to step up for her mother

Speaking with the Sun, Rita Ora shared,  "Cancer affects everyone, my mum battled it twice, and I had a lot of different emotions. I felt a lot of responsibility to step up and become a strong teenager." 

The singer underwent the BRCA test, the hereditary breast cancer test, and found that she did not have the gene. But this did nota allay her feras. Instead, she was so worried that she would be diagnosed with cancer still. This fear would last almost a decade.

She shared that, "I don't know if it's in my head, but it can be a case of a little heartburn and I am like, 'What is that?'." 

Rita Ora Age and Breast Cancer

Rita Ora does not discount the need to get expert help when it comes to breast health. Even though she admitted to getting tutorials online, she still urged women to check their breasts and go to a GP if they notice any changes. She said that she had no previous history of breast cancer in her family and yet, her mom was diagnosed. 

She said getting scanned for breast health has became challenging in the UK.  "Scans in the UK have dropped eighty per cent since Covid struck, and a million women haven't had any check-ups.  

Ora just turned 30 this year and caught flak for throwing a party in the middle of a pandemic. She violated a lot of measures, causing the ire of many. She already and immediately apologized, but many still find what she did as being very irresponsible. 

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