2020 has really taken a toll on Johnny Depp after losing most of his projects. 

But the "Pirates of the Caribbean" star is making a massive request to movie executives all over the world. 

According to We Got This Covered, the 57-year-old is not done with his career, and neither should these massive movie studios should also give up just yet. 

"He's [Depp] is asking the major studios to keep an eye on his future trials against former wife Amber Heard as he presumably feels like he can still recover from all of this." 

After publishing an article in the Washington Post, Johnny is set to face the blonde actressin court next year for a defamation case, branding herself as a "domestic abuse survivor." 

Johnny Depp and his former wife's Amber Heard feud has become an endless saga of public controversy and media scrutiny. 

The "Edward Scissorhands" star sued British tabloid The Sun's publishers, News Group Newspaper, and its executive editor, Dan Wootton, for a 2018 article that called him a "wife-beater." 

Johnny and Amber both testified in court during the hearing, but the judge dismissed the actor's claim and ruled in favor of the tabloid since the article proved that its contents were "substantially true."

The recent ruling only came out this year, and after that, Johnny Depp was asked to step down from his role in the "Fantastic Beasts" franchise. 

Johnny Depp Appeals Recent Legal Battle Loss

Johnny also reportedly filed for an appeal, with his lawyers claiming that the judge's ruling was "manifestly unsafe" and that they are seeking the court to "set aside the judgment and order a new trial." 

His lawyer further argued that the judge "uncritically accepted at the outset that Ms. Heard must have been correct in her allegations" and even discounted evidence to the contrary." 

Johnny's legal team also claimed that Justice Nicol failed to "undertake any, or an adequate analysis, of Ms. Heard's shifting account, despite the importance of consistency as a consideration of a witness's testimony." 

While Johnny Depp has been removed from several of his movies, including "Pirates of the Caribbean," Amber Heard is still part of the "Aquaman" franchise, but is said to be "on shaky ground" after the entire ordeal.

Warner Bros.'s decision to remove the actor enraged many social media users, and they have even campaigned non-stop to get Johnny cast in other movies. 

Johnny Depp Wishes for "Better Time Ahead"

On Sunday, Johnny Depp took to his Instagram to post a black-and-white picture of him and Pogues' lead singer, Shane MacGowan. 

He captioned the picture, "This year has been so hard for so many. Here's to a better time ahead. Happy Holidays, everyone! My love and respect to you all. Eternally, JD. X"

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