Behind Chris Rock's comedic acts are tragedies that hit him in the past.

As a famous stand-up comedian, Rock has truly made people forget about their problems temporarily.

But after a few years of bringing laughs, the 55-year-old "Saturday Night Live" cast member revealed the bullying he experienced as a kid.

During his interview with Gayle King on CBS Sunday Morning, Chris shared how bullying damaged his childhood.

Per Rock, he had been harassed by bullies while growing up in Brooklyn. Although he carried the trauma over the years, he clarified that he has already forgiven those who were unkind to him.

Instead of living in his dark past, he now uses the experience as his inspiration to become a better person.

Furthermore, he said that he hopes his bullies have become better people.

"I'm going to hope that what they did to me shames them in some way and they teach their kids better. That's my wish for them," the SNL star went on.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Rock said he is in a happy and optimistic place now. In fact, he dedicates himself to a seven-hour therapy session every week.

Chris Rock's Experience With Police Officers

Prior to the release of his Netflix special--an extended special of 2018 "Tamborine"--Chris Rock noted how law enforcement is a job "that can't have any bad apples."

According to Rock, most of his encounters with the police are good. However, the profession has come under fire these past few years.

"But ... a couple years ago there was a cop who was like, 'What are you driving around here for? You don't live around here, do you?' And I'm looking at him like, 'You don't live around here,'" he recalled.

Gayle Noticed Something on Rock

Elsewhere in the interview, the 66-year-old TV personality applauded him for taking the coronavirus pandemic seriously.

Per Gayle, the "Sidetracked" executive producer chose to hold the interview outside his New Jersey Home.

Rock reasoned out that it would be safer to have 15 people outside than inviting them inside his home.

Apart from practicing social distancing, the comedian also led himself to a better lifestyle by learning how to swim last year.

"There was something in my head that said, 'If I can learn to swim, I can do anything.' If I can conquer this in my 50s, I can do anything," he went on.

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