Former Bond girl Tanya Roberts has passed away at the age of 65. 

The devastating news was confirmed by her representative on TMZ, stating that the New York native "collapsed" in her home after she walked her dogs on Christmas Eve. 

Moreover, the rep shared that she was immediately rushed to the hospital in California and was "put on a ventilator, but never got better."

Prior to her sudden death, the outlet mentioned that the "Charlie's Angels" actress seemed to be "perfectly healthy." She even did video chats with her fans as a treat for the Yuletide season. 

Tanya Roberts Movies and TV Shows

Her claim to fame is her pivotal role as Stacey Sutton in the 1985 "James Bond" film "A View to a Kill."

She also appeared on ABC's "Charlie's Angels." Against over 2,000 candidates at the time, she was chosen to play the role of the streetwise fighter Julie Roberts, replacing Shelley Hack in the fifth season.

Aside from that, she was also known as the delightful but dim-witted mother Midge Pinciotti in the hit series "That '70s Show" alongside Laura Prepon, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher. 

The Curse of the Bond Girl

In her 2015 interview with The Daily Mail, Tanya Roberts shared that the iconic spy series left her a curse, affecting her blossoming career. 

At the time, she taught that saying yes to the role would have a significant spike in her career--but she was wrong. 

"I sort of felt like every girl who'd ever been a Bond Girl had seen their career go nowhere, so I was a little cautious," she mentioned, adding: "'I remember I said to my agent, 'No one ever works after they get a Bond movie' and they said to me, 'Are you kidding? Glen Close would do it if she could."

Despite her big break, being a Bond girl hindered her from landing lead roles.

"I've made a lot of good choices and a lot of bad choices and that's part of life. Whether you're really successful or moderately successful, I'm sure that to get there you have made some bad decisions and good decisions on some level, but that's how I see life."

Moreover, she mentioned that if given another chance, she might have done things in a different approach. 

Instead of an abrupt fame, she would choose taking the "limelight really slowly and do a broader range of roles" instead of being stereotyped in one character.

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