Johnny Depp becomes an outcast in Hollywood in the aftermath of his marriage. 

Amber Heard and UK tabloid The Sun alleged that he is a "wife-beater."

And after his high-profile loss to last year's legal battle, Johnny Depp has already lost a ton of Hollywood deals, including his roles in blockbuster movies. 

Before starring in "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl" in 2003, nobody ever thought that Johnny Depp would even become an A-list star. Though he starred in a few movies such as "Edward Scissorhands," it was all thanks to Jerry Bruckheimer that made him a household name in Tinseltown. 

Depp had the respect of both his co-workers and fans worldwide and continuously got the most prominent roles in big-budgeted films, earning multi-million dollars.

But now that his career is almost slipping away after years of hard work, it is believed Depp won't ever get to earn that kind of salary every again. 

In fact, according to We Got This Covered, the "Fantastic Beasts" star has started talking to several smaller movie studios about projects that aren't as large as what he has become accustomed to. 

"While hardly a revelation, it's nonetheless the ideal way to rehabilitate a fading reputation, not to mention that's how he rose to prominence in the first place over three decades ago." 

The End - Almost

Several Hollywood stars have numerous scandals in their lives, such as Robert Downy Jr., who spent years of drug abuse, arrests, stints in rehab, and relapses, later becoming one of Hollywood's biggest movie stars. 

Mel Gibson was also recorded saying some offensive statements in the last ten years, but he's still a highly-respected director. 

But for Johnny Depp, who will battle it out once again court against Amber Heard for defamation, insiders and analysts of We Got This Covered believe that his career will seriously be done for good once he loses this upcoming trial with his ex-wife. 

However, there's still an inch of hope for the 52-year-old because though he may never be able to pick up $20 million paychecks for headline blockbuster movies, "there's always going to be at least one filmmaker willing to take a chance on him even if the project will no doubt be a lot smaller in scale than he's become accustomed to." 

Numerous signatures were received in a rehire Johnny Depp for "Pirates of the Caribbean," despite the fact that the franchise is said to be already in development, with Margot Robbie playing the lead role. 

But Johnny Depp fans, 400,000 and more of them, is still hoping he gets to reprise his role as Captain Jack Sparrow. 

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