"The Ellen DeGeneres" show cancelled? Of course not. The host, Ellen DeGeneres has fully recovered from her COVID-19 symptoms and has now returned to work. Naturally, on the very first episode of the year, she had to touch on the harrowing experience she had with the dreaded coronavirus. 

As reported by Hollywood Life, just a month after revealing she tested positive for COVID-19, Ellen DeGeneres returned to her talk show on Jan. 13, and showed fans just how well-recovered she is. 

This does not mean the coronavirus did not give her a hard time though, because as she revealed, she had some really painful time with it. 

The "Ellen DeGeneres" Show not Cancelled: Opening Monologue Touched on COVID-19

If there is one thing that people missed greatly about the show, it is Ellen DeGeneres' opening monologues. For a while however, there were rumors that these monologues would never be seen nor heard anymore because "The Ellen DeGeneres" show faces cancellation possibilities.

That the production has to be halted because Ellen DeGeneres tested positive for the COVID-19 and prior to that, had to face certain controversies about her character, certainly fueled the rumors.

But they are merely rumors, after all. 

Usually, the host uses her monologue to crack jokes at her expense and update people on what is happening with her, or shares her opinion about the hottest issues at the time. 

This time, Ellen DeGeneres used her opening monologue to discuss her COVID-19 diagnosis and revealed the one coronavirus symptom she did not expect and she suffered from the most. This symptom is rarely reported by those who tested COVID-19 positive, so it is quite unique on her case. The more widely reported symptoms are lack of taste and smell, and shortness of breathe.

Ellen DeGeneres Discusses Scary COVID-19 Symptom

For the first three days, I slept for 16 hours a day," Ellen explained. "Then, on the fourth day, I woke up with back spasms and I thought I pulled a muscle or slept weird because I was [quarantining] in a different bed. But it just persisted, and the doctor put me on pain killers and muscle relaxers," she added.

However, the pain caused by the infection could not be alleviated by mere pain killers, she shared.

"The pain killers did not help. My back got worse. I felt like I cracked a rib. So they finally put me on a steroid pack because the other stuff wasn't working, and the steroids worked," she revealed.

She then revealed tha she did not even experienced the common symptoms of virus, such as fever, headaches or loss of taste, as reported by Yahoo News

Knowing her fans are still worried, she asserted that she's "all clear" and feeling "fine now." 

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