If you need a song for whatever stage of your relationship you're in, Taylor Swift has it.

The 31-year-old singer rode into many people's lives on the strength of heartbreak anthems. After all, she is known as the queen of breakup songs.

With Valentine's Day nearing, you'll be forced to realize that soul-crushing things. If you're in a complicated relationship, Tay-Tay's songs can help you understand what you're going through. 

If you're looking for a healthy sobbing session, let your emotions out by listening to some of Taylor Swift's breakup songs. 

You're Not Sorry

One of many songs in her "Fearless" album that speaks of heartache is "You're Not Sorry."

It details Swift's relationship where she has given her beau more than two chances to the point of exhaustion.

Despite being dedicated to their relationship and not wanting to end it, she realizes that she poured so much of her heart for him, but he isn't apologetic about all the times he let him down because he's never going to change for him.

The Last Time

This song will surely leave you a sobbing mess after listening to it.

"The Last Time" is about a song where you want a relationship to work out so desperately, or for someone to like you back as much as you like them.

Though you continue to hope and wish, fate has other plans because being with the person you want to be with just isn't in the cards.

The song digs deep into your heart and will make you realize things.


"Exile" is like the sequel of "The Last Time."

It's almost more tortured--with Taylor Swift singing about two people desperately holding on to the thinnest string in their relationship because they know it's coming to an end.

Months or years after a split, this song will help you realize that dragging the relationship when it wasn't in a good state was a good decision. However, it doesn't mean that thinking about the memories, good or bad, won't make your insides burn.

Back to December

Valentine isn't the only holiday that would make you realize how alone and single you are.

Most sad songs seem to center around December, maybe because of the cold weather or the loneliness of spending time indoors because of the snow.

While Swift sings her heart out for the men who hurt her, in "Back to December," she expresses the regret she feels after not realizing what she had until it disappeared.

The song will make you realize some sort of regret that you have to relive over and over again.

But there are hopes in the song that perhaps one day, she'll get the chance to make it right. But until then, she'll "go back to December" in her mind time after time.

All Too Well

The song was released in 2012 and is about her relationship with Hollywood actor Jake Gyllenhaal.

This details raw emotions and vivid memories that Swift weaved together in one song, like her ex-boyfriend holding onto a scarf that she left behind (at his sister's home) and running a red light because he was looking at her.

She sings about the great times that she had with someone and not exactly about splitting up.

The song is an absolute masterpiece and happens to be one of her longest songs at five minutes and 27 seconds.

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