"The Flash" season seven premiered on Mar. 2, and right off the bat, there have already been death scenes.

The series experienced multiple delays like several TV shows because of the pandemic.

The first episode, "All's Wells That Ends Wells," was supposed to be the 20th episode of the sixth season, but the team created pre-pandemic footage with new material, creating a one-hour episode for TV.

'The Flash' Season Seven, Episode One Spoiler

One scene, in particular, felt truly horrible and overwhelming viewers in the very first chapter of "The Flash" season seven.

After the season six finale, Barry almost lost his speed entirely, while Eva McCulloch, the Mirror Master who stole Iris, has still not been caught.

Inside of Nash's mind, the Council of Wells discussed the matter, and after brainstorming, they decided the only way to return Barry's speed is for Nash to die.

When the entire scientific explanation was explained to Nash, it made sense for him, though he tried to find other ways, working around the problem using Allegra's powers.

However, things go wrong, and the Wells were stuck inside Barry's brain.

The competing brainwaves will kill "The Flash" if they don't do something about it.

In the end, Nash sacrificed himself to restore Barry's speed, similar to what the Council of Wells suggested.

By saving him, Nash also saved the people that Barry will be protecting, even making up for the multiverse he previously, accidentally, destroyed.

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Nash explained that what he's doing isn't to prove a point, but he's doing it because "I won't let you die. I won't let any of you die."

However, it's not only Nash who died in the first episode of "The Flash" season seven.

With Nash gone, another alternate version of Wells from the council was also gone, with each of them taking turns to say goodbye.

Harrison Wells was the last, but before he dies, he gave a final chance to tell Barry, "You showed me how to be a better person, and I will always be thankful for our friendship. Now run, Barry. Run."

When Barry's speed was restored, he managed to save the day, but temporarily since Mirror Master is still at large.

Twitter Reactions Two 'The Flash' Season 7 Deaths

"The Flash" fans felt several emotions about the reveal and quickly took to Twitter to share their sentiments.

"Tom Cavanagh as the multiple Harrison Wells has always been Emmys worthy," one Twitter user said.

Another tweeted, "It's funny how a version of Harrison Wells was responsible for Barry getting his powers, and now another version of Harrison Wells made sure that Barry kept his powers."

"The Flash got his full force back, but it cost us Wells. All of them. They all died heroes, y'all better remember that," one also stated.

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