Twitter went into a frenzy after a report surfaced about Kanye West trying to rename Rye in Westchester County, New York, to rename itself to "Ye."

Kanye West City of Rye, NY to Ye

Weeks after news of his divorce to Kim Kardashian dropped, rumors started swirling that not only was he looking to move to Rye, New York, but he also wanted to rename the city to "Ye" after himself.

An insider for the Rye Record revealed ,"West has filed paperwork for Rye to drop the R from its name and rebrand to 'Ye' permanently."

The paper also claimed that the Grammy-winning star would "donate" $10,000,000 from his own money to wipe out the town's city and school debts.


How True Is This Kanye West Rumor?

Kanye West, whose hit songs include "All of the Lights," "Jesus Is King," and "Niggas in Paris," has been accused of many other stranger things during his time in the limelight.

A few days after the rumor has surfaced online, however, it was immediately debunked by Insider.

According to the outlet, Rye's city has not received official papers to necessitate a name change to "Ye" from its original name, "Rye."

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As per a high-ranking city official named Gregg Howells, he hasn't even heard that the former husband of Kim Kardashian has expressed an interest in the town, nor in the building being leased by the Rye YMCA, which was something the rapper was previously looking at.

He told Insider, "We haven't heard anything about it."

"Were in the midst of preparing a build out for some new programming there," Howells explained. "So if Kanye's coming to town, we haven't heard about it."

Despite the rumor of West's plan, locals have reportedly heard about his unconfirmed report. However, it is safe to say that there is nothing confirmatory to suggest that Kanye West will be moving to Rye or is planning to change the town's name to "Ye."

Kim Kardashian Believes Kanye West Tore Down Her Family Amid Divorce

In a new episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," the KKW Beauty mogul claims that her controversial husband's social media rant last year was so "frustrating."

In the episode that was recorded months ago, the KUWTK star begged West's team to "talk to him" after going on his rant.

Last summer, the Sunday Service creator targeted his family members in a series of tweets, but it wasn't revealed in the latest episode if the SKIMS creator referred to them.

She told West's team in the KUWTK episode aired last Thursday, "Yes, please talk to him. I'm happy to come to Wyoming today, tomorrow. Whatever he wants. I'm still happy to come there and be supportive and chill with him and I think he needs that."

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