‘Who Killed Sara’ Season 2 Release Date, Possible Suspects: Is Sara Still Alive?

Who Killed Sara

Viewers of "Who Killed Sara" on Netflix have been on the edge of their seats since the last episode of season one played.

The ten-episode murder mystery is packed to the brim. The Spanish show includes some soap opera twists, some shocking drama and, of course, more questions than answers.

Luckily, a second season has already been ordered for this new Netflix sensation.

Recap: Season 1, Episode 10 of 'Who Killed Sara'

By the time the credits roll on the first season, nobody still knows who killed Sara.

However, fans already have their suspects.

In the flashback, viewers get to see that Mariana found out that Sara was pregnant and that it was a Lozcano that impregnated her.

At first, Mariana pretends to give Sara support and advice, even promising that she'll be there to take care of her and her baby while also encouraging her to have fun before she officially becomes a mother.

However, that encouragement had a darker purpose - as it was her way of pushing Sara to try out parasailing, a perfect cover to get rid of her as it would look like an accident.

In the final episode, Mariana gives Elroy a knife that belonged to Chema and orders Elroy to make sure Sara is the first person to try parasailing.

Though it was shown that Elroy was about to cut the rope, it wasn't indicated if he did do it.

Later on, it was also revealed that it wasn't Rodolfo, Sara's boyfriend, who got her pregnant, but in fact, it was Rodolfo's dad, Cesar.

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In the present day, Rodolfo's wife revealed she was pregnant. However, it was also revealed that Rodolfo got a vasectomy a few years ago because of Sara.

It was then revealed that the person who fathered his wife's baby is none other than Cesar.

One major twist is still left to uncover, and that's when Sara's brother Alex found her old journals, which contained strange and disturbing details about her death.

It also showed a drawing of an unmarked grave where Alex recognizes the location. He later goes to the actual site and digs up the tomb to find a skull with a bullet in it.

It's unclear whose skull it belongs to.


'Who Killed Sara' Top Suspects


Chema is one of the top suspects who killed Sara because she knew about Chema's real sexuality when he wasn't still out to his family and knew that he was attracted to his brother, Alex.

Perhaps it was Chema's way of silencing Sara.


Mariana is also on the top suspects because she has been determined to protect her family's reputation.

She also knew about Sara's pregnancy with her husband Cesar and wanted to make sure that news of her husband impregnating another woman, let alone their son's girlfriend, would spread.


Perhaps Cesar didn't want the secret to going out that he had a sexual relationship with Sara, so he had a reason to silence her.

However, fans have a different theory that perhaps he has been an accessory to Sara's death.


Fans believe that perhaps Elroy did something to do with it because he was always around Mariana.

Because of his complex background growing up, perhaps Elroy believed he owed the Lazcanos, especially Mariana, for their kindness, so he could've killed Sara if he was instructed to do so.

Is Sara Still Alive?

One popular theory on Reddit is that Sara is still alive.

A Redditor explained, "The beginning shows Alex and Sara being very close siblings. Yet somehow he missed the psychiatric stuff and her being institutionalized?"

"In S2, they'll come up with as many twists as they can, even if it makes no sense, and one of those twists will be that Sara is still alive. Just watch."

'Who Killed Sara' Season 2

The second season of "Who Killed Sara" will talk more about Sara's secret past.

Alex found a secret journal that detailed his sister's struggles with mental health just before her death.

A teaser for "Who Killed Sara" season 2 showed her sessions with a psychiatrist and her self-harm.

'Who Killed Sara' Season 2 Release Date

The first season is already available for streaming on Netflix but "Who Killed Sara" season 2 has a May 19 release date.

All of the cast will be returning for the second season.

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