The Man of Steel's heart has been melted, and Henry Cavill has the sweetest way to introduce his new girl to the world.

After years of focusing on himself, Cavill is now sharing his life with his new girlfriend.

Henry Cavill's Girlfriend

On Instagram, Cavill broke his record of keeping his relationship private by posting a photo of him and his new girlfriend, Natalie Viscuso.

The 37-year-old "Justice League" star shared a photo of him looking at Viscuso as they played chess.

"This is me looking quietly confident shortly before my beautiful and brilliant love Natalie, destroys me at chess," he captioned the post.


The post now reached over 2 million likes and 30,000 comments, with his fans offering mixed reactions over his new relationship.

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One broken-hearted fan commented, "I will never love again. but congratulations Henry."

Another one hilariously said, "THE LAST TIME I CHECKED MY NAME WASNT NATALIE SIR."

"I'm so happy for you, congrats wishing you the best!" one fan added.

Previously, the two were photographed walking out together in London earlier this month.

Before Viscuso, Cavill previously dated Lucy Cork, Tara King, Marisa Gonzalo, Kaley Cuoco, and Gina Carano. He also had been engaged to Ellen Whitaker.

Who is Natalie Viscuso?

According to her LinkedIn profile, Viscuso serves as the vice president of television and digital studios at Legendary Entertainment. Their connection can be explained as the two worked for the actor's films 2013 "Man of Steel" and 2020 "Enola Holmes."

Eagle-eyed fans also discovered that the girlfriend appeared on the first episode of the popular MTV series "My Super Sweet 16." During that time, her 16th birthday party was featured in the 2005 season.

"At 15 years old, Natalie is now living in a $5 million house and cruising around town in her dad's Bentleys and Ferraris. What more could she want? How about being the most popular girl at school?" the episode's description said.

Although she came from New Mexico, she eventually moved to La Jolla, California, where she has been living with her father and stepmother.

Meanwhile, like Cavill, she is also fond of dogs. She currently takes care of her French Bulldog named Meat, and has been sharing snaps of him on her unverified Instagram account.

Apparently, she also enjoys chess - the reason why Cavill has warned himself about losing to game to her.

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