It has already been announced that Johnny Depp isn't returning to any more "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies.

In 2003, the first-ever "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl" was an instant hit, thanks to the director Gore Verbinski and Depp and the other likable cast.

But the secret weapon of the franchise was Johnny Depp's character, Jack Sparrow. He is the fast-talking pirate who won not only the audience's hearts but also critics'.

Sparrow was wild, campy, and was a great invention by the Disney executives who first were afraid that audiences might head.

However, Depp's performance in the role was the saving grace of other "Pirates" sequels.

Fast forward to today, Margot Robbie will be starring in the famous franchise without Depp after a tumultuous year in court.

The "Edward Scissorhands" star parted ways with the franchise because of his ongoing legal battle with Amber Heard.

A petition wanted Depp to return in the upcoming sixth installment of the franchise, which reached over half a million signatures.

However, it's already becoming likely that the franchise would go on without Depp, the original Jack Sparrow. But with many people petitioning for his return, Disney executives may need to reconsider.

Which now leads to the fans' question: how would Jack Sparrow be re-incorporated into "Pirates of the Caribbean 6?"

Screenrant shared some of the possible ways Johnny Depp's character will be re-added to the movie.

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3 Ways Johnny Depp Could Return to 'Pirates of the Caribbean 6'

Killing Jack Sparrow

The best way for Disney to do is to kill Jack Sparrow, which would ultimately cut his connection to the original series.

Killing the character would make Margot Robbie's character a more legitimate replacement for Sparrow, making him die a hero.

It would also seem like the transition from Depp to Robbie wouldn't be much of a fuss.

Jack the Mentor

Johnny Depp could return to "Pirates of the Caribbean 6" with Jack Sparrow as a mentor to Margot Robbie's character.

Since Depp and Sparrow are both agings, it's already apparent that he's not going to be suited for any heavy action stunts.

Instead, Sparrow would easily allow Robbie to take over the more action-packed scenes.

Bad Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow could become a villain in the sixth installment of "Pirates of the Caribbean," which would allow the creators to show a darker side of the Black Pearl's captain.

It's the most unlikely, but it could give the fans a huge sigh of relief seeing their favorite character in the movie turning into a villain for the last time.

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