Why Was Josh Duggar Arrested? Former '19 Kids and Counting' Star Faces Federal Level Charges

Josh Duggar

Josh Duggar faced a legal battle as soon as his wife announced their pregnancy.

In a report from the Washington County Sheriff's Office, it has been revealed that Duggar was arrested on Thursday. The U.S. Marshals were also present during the arrest, hinting at a federal level of charges.

Still, the exact charges he received remains unknown. However, Fox News mentioned that the Washington County Sheriff's office clarified that Duggar's arrest was not their case.

The only definite thing about the recent capture is that the authorities hold the 33-year-old reality TV star without bail.

Josh Duggar Arrest: What Could Possibly Be the Cause

In 2019, Duggar faced some trouble when Homeland Security raided the car dealership he was working at. The event was reportedly a part of an ongoing federal investigation at that time.

However, it remains unclear whether the raid and the recent arrest are connected. His family also denied the allegations that the police also raided the Duggar household.

In addition, he previously suffered from accusations that he sexually abused his sisters. Another fifth victim also came forward to file a case against him.

While the reason behind the arrest remains unknown, internet users called out the authorities for not disclosing the charges.

People online left comments on Fox News' website, asking why the arrest warrant has not been publicized.

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One internet user said, "How exactly are the charges unclear? Arrest warrants are public information last I checked, this makes no sense."

Meanwhile, another one replied and explained how arrest warrants are made public but not published. On Duggar's part, he only had a warrant of arrest as the officers suspect him of a crime. This one can never be detailed in public unless necessary.

Once the arrest proves that charges can be applied, the information may be released to the public.

"If he was previously involved in real estate fraud and given they raided the car dealership, I'm guessing he might have been involved in fraud there as well. It's not like the guy is worth millions. Money is the root of all evil so I'm guessing it's related to the dollars," another one explained.

Duggar's family has not spoken about the arrest yet. The "19 Kids and Counting" home network TLC also refused to comment further on the issue.

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