Olivia Rodrigo recently spoke to a media outlet slamming "sexist" and "BS" criticisms over her songwriting style.

"I try not to look at it or take that stuff super seriously...Sexist  criticism of songwriters like me being told that they only write songs about boys," she told the Guardian.

Rodrigo was criticized over her excessive use of heartbreaks as the sole inspiration for her song ever since the hit track rose to fame early this year, she stated "I'm a teenage girl, I write about stuff that I feel really intensely. And I feel heartbreak and longing really intensely."

She hilariously added, "I think that's authentic and natural. I don't really understand what people want me to write about; do you want me to write a song about income taxes? How am I going to write an emotional song about that?"


Rodrigo shared the same sentiments with her idol Taylor Swift as both of them were heavily criticized because of writing "too much about boys"

The inspiration behind her hit songs wasn't revealed by the actress rumors are circulating that her tracks were inspired by her breakup with alleged ex-boyfriend Joshua Bassett who's also her co-star in the said Disney show.

When The Guardian asked the singer about the relationship drama, she said "I try not to look at it or take that stuff super seriously."

Rodrigo was also involved in an issue with her Disney co-stars. Us Weekly recently broke down the alleged dramatic love triangle between the popstar, Sabrina Carpenter and Basett, after Carpenter was allegedly the inspiration behind the "blonde girl" mentioned in Rodrigo's hit song.

Carpenter since then released a track called "Skins" which was rumored to be her respond to Rodrigo's "drivers license"

The hitmaker recently rose to fame because of her hit song titled "driver's license" which topped the Billboard charts early this year and has been streamed over 19.9 billion times. The singer recently made a follow up song titled "déjà vu." and has been working on her debut album.

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The 18-year-old actress' was first known in the Disney show "Bizaardvark" and became popular with her role as Nina Salazar-Roberts in the show "High School Musical: The Musical".

Both actresses as well as Basett has yet to comment on the "love triangle" drama.

Fans can't contain their excitement as the "déjà vu." hitmaker is set to release her 7-track debut album titled "Sour" on May 21.

Rodrigo is also set to perform on "The BRIT Awards" next week

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