Wendy Williams is single once again after her and her beau, Mike Esterman, ended their relationship.

Esterman, a Maryland-based contractor and a part-time celebrity booker, confirmed in a statement published by The Sun that their relationship is "drifting apart".

"It's a busy time of the year for home improvement, I don't know if I can give her what she wants." Esterman stated. "Nobody called it a day, there's just no time to meet up. We talk when we can. I can't hold her back from meeting someone who can give her more." he added.

The contractor had also confirmed that their relationship wasn't exclusive by saying "She's allowed to meet others, we're not in that type of relationship. She will find someone."

Another factor of their breakup was their busy schedule, "I have home projects, pool rentals starting now that things are opening up, requests for Mario [Lopez] and others are starting to come in for me to help with. I'm a workaholic!" Esterman stated.

Esterman explained that despite their relationship not working out, he wishes Wendy the best, "She deserves to be with someone who may have more time," he stated. "I can only wish her the best as we both continue the search at our own paces and remain friends in the process." he added.

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Williams had also addressed the breakup in her show saying that their relationship "wasnt a thing", "The headline is that Mike and I have broken up. Well, I didn't know that Mike and I were together," she said.

"Mike is in Maryland. Mike works a job, he's a contractor/social influencer, or whatever he has going on. Whatever he does. Mike, he's a nice guy, but we are too geographically far from each other." she added.

"I'm as available now as I was then, we were never boyfriend and girlfriend, so it wasn't a thing." The talk show host concluded. 

Esterman met Williams when he participated in the "Date Wendy" segment of "The Wendy Williams Show" in February this year, the segment was produced when Wendy appealed to her fans to find her someone after her messy divorce last year.

The two had confirmed their relationship in an episode of "The Wendy Williams Show", Wendy had discussed that the pandemic has been hindering them to see each other "He lives in Maryland, and I live here in New York. Because of the virus, you can't do all that traveling. You can't,".

The talkshow host had also recalled her first date with Esterman, "I like him. I really really like Mike, we're close. We didn't have the sex, but we're close. Based on the virus you don't get close to people, but I couldn't resist." she stated.

Williams was married to her former manager Kevin Hunter for 20 years. Rumors began to surface in 2019 saying that Hunter was having an affair with another woman, Williams filed for divorce shortly after the allegations came out. They had one child together, 20-year-old Kevin Hunter Jr.

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