Is Alex Rodriguez on the hunt to find a new lover after his recent split from Jennifer Lopez?

An Australian TV presenter named Belinda Russell recently revealed that she got a DM from the former Yankees player.

The "Today Extra" host shared on Friday's show that the baseball legend got in touch with her on Instagram.

Her co-host Richard Wilkins first opened about the news on the show, telling her, "You've had somewhat of a celebrity encounter."

Russell, who is a popular TikTok creator, confirmed and shared the news, saying, "I woke up this morning, checking the socials in my requests and there was a message from Alex Rodriguez."

She added, "As in A-Rod. As in JLo's ex."

In the screen capture picture also flashed on the show, the DM can directly from A-Rod after responding to one of Russell's IG Story.

The retired athlete told her, "Great feed!!!"

Russell immediately downplayed the entire celebrity encounter saying, "All I can is... he likes great content. He just said great feed!"

At first, Belinda Russell didn't think it was even the real Alex Rodriguez, recalling, "I went, 'This can't be real.' So I tapped on it and his account is verified."

The morning TV host then thought that perhaps having that kind of encounter was going to be good for her.

She seemingly told A-Rod, who has over 4 million followers, on live TV, "Give me a shout out, A-Rod! And get me some followers!"

When Wilkins asked if the former baseball player's smooth move seemed to be "hitting on her," Russell clarified that perhaps A-Rod just liked her content.

"He's surely not hitting on me. He just likes my videos."

She also reminded the viewers and her co-host that she is "very happily married."

Later on, in the show, Belinda Russell joked that maybe A-Rod would unfollow her after her "embarrassing" comments because "this is so uncool."

But this wasn't the first time Alex Rodriguez slid into another woman's Instagram DMs.

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Alex Rodriguez Sneaky DMs

According to reports, one of the reasons why Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez broke up was because of "Southern Charm" star Madison LeCroy.

In the reunion special of her show, LeCroy did brag about DMing with A-rod but "can't talk about that" because she "signed an NDA."

They also reportedly talked "randomly but not consistent," with LeCroy claiming A-Rod "never physically cheated on his fiancée with me."

A-Rod reportedly sent a few DMs to the reality star while he was still with JLo.

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