Cody Simpson spoke candidly in an interview, on May 30, about his ex-lover Miley Cyrus in a relationship that lasted for 10 months. 

Cyrus, 28, was first linked to Simpson in October 2019 following her split from Kaitlynn Carter of "The Hills: New Beginnings." The "Hannah Montana" singer had also separated from her husband, Liam Hemsworth, in August of that year.

The two broke up back in 2020, and Miley Cyrus first spoke about their relationship on how they could still keep being friends after their split.

Cody Simpson Calls Miley Cyrus Relationship A "Phase"

In an interview with Australia's 60 Minutes, the 24-year-old Australian singer broke his silence and declared, "everything ended fairly amicably."

"It was just one of those phases, I guess," Simpson continued as the two went through the relationship and learned from it. Simpson also explained Sunday how his relationship with Cyrus began and how it seamlessly transitioned from friends to lovers. 

Simpson also emphasized that the two have been long-term friends adding, "We went from kind of being good friends to just having a lot of the same friends, to being together for a while."

Miley Cyrus Defends Cody Simpson Friendship

According to Harper's Bazaar, in an Instagram live on Cyrus' official account, she mentioned that they are longtime friends and will continue to be.

She added, "Everybody else at this age, we're just deciding who we wanna be with our lives, what we wanna do with our lives. And so, don't make it some drama story if next week we're hanging out, getting pizza."

The 28-year-old singer has also expressed that they have been friends for 10 years, and they are still going to be friends, "so just don't make it something that it is not."

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Who Are Cody Simpson And Miley Cyrus Dating Now?

As issued by E! News, these days, the two of them have moved on from their romance.

Cody Simpson confirmed he was doing well as dating model Marloes Stevens since December 2020 and had been doing well with his swimming career. 

On the other hand, Miley Cyrus continues to enjoy the single life, prioritizing producing new music as proven to release hit after hit songs for more than a decade.

Before Cyrus, Simpson had several high-profile relationships. In 2015, he broke up with supermodel Gigi Hadid, which lasted about two years. 

Kylie Jenner and Bella Thorne were also a part of the list back in 2011 before he dated Hadid. Lindsay Lohan's sister, Ali, had a past romance with him as well.

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