Bill and Melinda Gates announced that they were headed to divorce just last month. 

With the amount of money the power couple has, many people wonder why they decided to split when one possible solution is to "arrange never to see each other again" but stay married.

A legal expert whose expertise lies on divorce talked to Page Six and discuss how the Gates' high-profile divorce may let out some skeletons in the closet they've been hiding for years.

Ayesha Vardag, one of the UK's most successful matrimonial lawyers, claimed that Bill and Melinda Gates seemed to have no apparent reason to split. Still, there could be more to their breakup than they have publicly revealed.

And it's expected to unravel soon.

She asked "the big question," "Why are they splitting when they have so much money?"

Vardag also said that despite the parents-of-three have reportedly worked out their financial agreement, and it is expected that more things will be publicized that would shock mostly everyone.

"It's interesting. It makes you wonder if there is something else going on."

But one of the things the expert mentioned was that a possible "reputational storm" is coming.

She also claimed that rich married people keep affairs and their cheating behind closed doors; however, they stay married.

"it's only when something else happens, some fundamental problem that just pushes it over the line, that people will divorce."

Vardag added, "In my experience, ultra-high-net-worth couples will very rarely divorce on the basis of adultery alone."

Currently, Bill Gates has a net worth of $126.2 billion. His soon-to-be ex-wife Melinda French Gates has a net worth of $3.2 billion.

As of writing, it is still unclear what the real cause of the Gates' divorce is.

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Bill and Melinda Gates Cause of Divorce Theory

One of the most popular Reddit discussions about Bill and Melinda Gates' divorce is the possibility of alleged tax evasion and insider trading scandal in disguise.

One Redditor posted a theory in R/Conspiracy where they think that the couple has many stocks and know that the market will crash massively.

But selling too much of the stocks in one go "is said to be suspicious." And "suspicions can create a speculative panic."

"Stock value drops, and so, as you are selling them before anyone else, you are selling them for less."

And per the post, here are the possible solutions Gates' has.

"Remove suspicion. Divorce and get a judge to tell you to give out stock to your ex (or the monetary equivalent)."

"Roughly sell half your stock at full price before everything collapses because it's not suspicious. 'It's the only divorce.'"

The divorce is also expected to be "an alibi for insider-trading accusations," per the OP.

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