Bill Gates' estranged wife Melinda French Gates reportedly has a darker plan amid their divorce.

Though she doesn't want Bill Gates' fortune of $126 billion, Melinda wants something priceless.

Rumor has it that the mom-of-three is trying to strip her tech mogul husband of his position in their joint foundation, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, following their split.

According to an article by Blind Gossip titled "His Crown Jewel and His Crown Jewels", the woman "is angry about the affair and his friendship with [redacted]!"

Though no names have been dropped on the article, the comment section was filled with speculation from readers that the latest entry is about Bill and Melinda Gates.

Bill Gates' affair has been reported by the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, with several former and current employees confirmed that the Microsoft founder isn't the man who many think he is.

Meanwhile, about the "friendship" in the article, it is well-known that Bill had ties to convicted criminal Jeffrey Epstein and how he thinks the disgraced financier could help him get a Nobel Peace Prize.

The outlet alleged that the man has "hurt and embarrassed himself and everyone around him."

Since the announcement of their divorce, Melinda Gates unveiled her new net worth of $3.1 billion after her soon-to-be ex-husband transferred stocks to her. It was also previously reported that the former Microsoft general manager was going to increase their kids' inheritance money after Bill publicly stated he'll only be giving $10 million to each of their children.

"Everyone thinks it's about the money. They think she wants more money for herself and her kids in the divorce," the article stated.

Blind Gossip further wrote that Melinda has always known that the man she married is "not strong and mature. He is weak and immature and stupid and impulsive."

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However, the recent news about Bill Gates' womanizing ways and extra-marital affairs reportedly angered and embarrassed Melinda.

Because of that, the outlet mentioned how the woman has allegedly one specific goal in mind and that is to take one most important thing from the man.

Per Blind Gossip, "He has behaved so badly for so many years, she is going to take away the thing that matters most to him."

"She wants him removed from the foundation," could also pertain to their joint foundation, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Blind Gossip explained that the man's "foundation is his greatest joy."

They further said, "He considers it the crown jewel of his life's work and his greatest achievement. It is his greatest source of connection to people and power and influence."

If the woman becomes successful in removing the man, then "she neuters him."

Readers React to Melinda Gates' 'Ultimate Revenge' To Bill Gates

In the comments section, some readers believe that the entire Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates divorce is going to be the downfall of the former.

One reader said, "Bill is a brat & it was well known that he had an abusive administrative style."

Another reader said, "He seems like a petty, petty man. Who would marry this sniveling man and ALLOW him to go visit a girlfriend annually?"

Another reader commented, "I do feel his public persona will be exposed more and more in the upcoming months."

However, one reader pointed out that perhaps Melinda French Gates isn't doing it for revenge, but rather, to protect the foundation and for legal reasons.

"The foundation could suffer if there is evidence as to Gates using funds to do things he should not be doing."

It's still best to take Blind Gossip's report and its readers' comments with a grain of salt.

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