The true-to-life drama of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" stars is not going to end soon as Falynn Guobadia's alleged ex reveals shocking information about the reality TV star prior to her marriage with Simon Guobadia.

According to Page Six, a celebrity assistant named London Gillespie had started going out with Falynn a year before her marriage with Simon.

Though Falynn and Simon are scheduled to be married the following year at the time, the reality TV star's relationship with Gillespie got so serious to the point that they got engaged.

Gillespie's shocking revelation comes after Simon's explosive Instagram post exposing his estranged wife for cheating while they are still together.

However, London clarified that he is not the reason behind the divorce as he stopped hooking up with Falynn after she got married.

The drama doesn't stop there as Gillespie reveals that he even met Falynn's family and children while they were dating, "I know her sister, and her mom, her uncle," Gillespie stated. He also mentioned that Falynn's family members think that he's a better fit than Simon.

The celebrity assistant claims that Simon eventually found out about his relationship with the "RHOA" star after he hired a private investigator.

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Private Investigator speaks out

Simon's team confirmed that he did hire a P.I. to investigate his cheating wife.

The P.I. then spoke to Page Six to reveal more information. He told the outlet that he saw Falynn visits London's apartment countless times.

In 2018, months before Falynn got married, the investigator was invited to the couple's house to confront the reality TV star with all of the evidence that he got. Falynn, later on, admitted the allegations and broke down in tears.

London and Falynn relationship continues

It's not clear whether Falynn and London continued dating after the whole investigation thing but London admitted that he did not "cut all ties" with the TV star.

He then revealed that he's not in love with Falynn anymore but she will always have a special place in his heart.

Gillespie's explosive revelation comes after Simon Guobadia's controversial Instagram post, which is now deleted, that claims his wife is cheating on him with a man named Jaylan Banks. He also mentioned that Jaylan is the reason behind their divorce and Falynn is currently pregnant with him.

As we previously reported, Falynn's co-star Porsha Williams got engaged with her now-estranged husband Simon just a month after their split. Porsha clarified that their relationship has nothing to do with Simon's divorce.

Falynn Guobadia has not responded to the revelation made by her alleged ex.

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