Ken Jennings remains as one of the fan-favorites to be the next permanent host of "Jeopardy!"

After Alex Trebek's death, nine celebrities and personalities already spearheaded the show while the creators seek for the permanent one. The team seemingly needs to undergo a long process as they still reserve a handful of people to continue the guest-hosting stint.

Among the stars who already appeared on the show is "Jeopardy!" GOAT, Ken Jennings. Since leading the show, he immediately garnered positive responses and approvals from the viewers.

People even alleged that he could be the next full-time host of the game show. Amid the talks, Jennings shared his thoughts and approved the idea of him succeeding Trebek.

In a new interview with WGN Radio, the former contestant promoted his game show "The Chase." While he came for a different reason, host Bob Sirott took his time to ask Jennings about the "Jeopardy!" gig.

According to the 47-year-old author, he still has no idea who would be the next permanent host. However, he suggested that the show should find someone as early as this summer since the executives want to see a new permanent host next year.

"I think one thing we've seen with the different guest host rotation is that everyone has a different spin on it and the show still works," he said.

Will Ken Jennings Take the Opportunity To Be "Jeopardy!" Permanent Host?

In the same interview, he finally admitted that he is interested to become the host of "Jeopardy!" for good.

Per Jennings, he has his fingers crossed while wanting the job. Once the producers ask him to take over, he reportedly would not have any second thoughts.

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Long before Trebek died, multiple news outlets revealed that Trebek himself had been pushing Jennings to take over him.

One source said that the late game master recommended the player as his replacement.

"Alex's opinions are very important to everyone making the decision, He has been the face of the show for so long that It would be ridiculous to ignore his point of view," the insider went on.

However, one betting website, Sports Betting Dime, shows that upcoming guest host LeVar Burton already defeated Jennings. Next to Burton and Jennings are Aaron Rodgers, Mike Richards, and Alex Faust.

As of the writing, only time can tell who will be the permanent host of the long-time running show.

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