The Chrissy Teigen drama is far from over as singer Leona Lewis exposes Michael Costello for humiliating her in a fitting for a charity event in 2014; this came after the "Project Runway" star posted a shocking exposé against Teigen.

The "Bleeding Love" hitmaker posted on Instagram Stories on Tuesday to share her experience with the fashion designer and to defend Teigen.

She began by stating that she does not condone bullying behavior and felt sorry for Costello. Still, she feels the need to share her experience with the designer; in 2014, she went to a fashion show charity event, and Costello was assigned to dress her. She was very excited and took a flight to New York to have a fitting session.

The singer then claims that the designer intended to make her feel awkward and uncomfortable because the dress given to her was a "sample size," and Costello didn't want the clothing to fit her.

The "Project Runway Season 8" star then proceeded to cancel on her the night before the event; she wrote, "He no longer wanted to dress me and he abandoned his commitments to me and the show which made me well aware that I wasn't the body type required."

She stated that she suffered a lot "both personally and professionally." The singer concluded her statement by siding with Teigen saying the designer was trying to kick her down even though she showed remorse and apologized for the better.

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Michael Costello speaks out

Following the post, Costello spoke to TMZ to react to the situation. He told the outlet that he is a big fan of the singer, and Lewis' team even reached out to him for another project just last month.

He added that Lewis' team should address the issues with him personally in the past because they kept being in touch over the years following the charity event. He also claimed that he reached out to Leona Lewis via Instagram DMs, but she has not responded yet.

The fashion designer also told the outlet that he's not out for revenge and he still wants Teigen to talk to him and acknowledge her wrongdoings in the past.

Chrissy Teigen bullying

As we previously reported, Costello spoke out about his bullying experience with Teigen. He claims that the cookbook author accused him of being a racist even though his comment was proven to be photoshopped.

He then reached out to Teigen via DM to clear his name, but she threatened him that his career would end.

The fashion designer also claimed that this situation left him traumatized, depressed, and took a big toll on his mental health, driving him to become suicidal.

Leona Lewis nor Chrissy Teigen responded to Michael's defense.

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