Is the rift between Leona Lewis and Michael Costello finally over? The singer said she chose "forgiveness" and wished the designer "healing."

Recently, the "Bleeding Love" hitmaker took to Instagram Stories to post a heartwarming message regarding the drama that circulated yesterday.

"I love you guys so much for the support you've shown, there are always 2 sides to every story and that's clear here but I choose forgiveness." she wrote in a picture of her.

"Michael, Thankyou for your apology, I wish you healing and that you feel better. For now, today is a new day, spread love." she concluded with a white heart emoji.

The statement came a day after her explosive story stating the 'Project Runway' star had humiliated her in the past.

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Michael Costello's heart "at peace"

Following Lewis' IG story, Costello took to his Instagram to tell everyone that he will stop addressing the issues.

"My heart is at peace, I am not going to address anymore issues in regards to false statements proven to be false, false stories from those who aspire to clout chase, and false allegations made by those close to my bullies in an attempt to smear my name" he wrote. (check out the post below)

"there is much that the public doesn't know and I forgive those who judged me based on what they've heard," he went on. He then added that he spoke his truth because he wanted to detach himself from being bullied.

He also knew that he would become a target of more criticism after speaking his side of the story, but he is now at peace for speaking up. "I have spoken my truth and I'm going to leave it as is." he added.

Costello is now leaving the public to interpret him however they like. He concluded his statement by saying that his lengthy message is dedicated to those who have reached out to him with kindness.

The fashion designer did not name Lewis and Teigen in his statement.

The drama between Costello, Lewis, and Teigen

As we previously reported, Lewis took to her Instagram stories to share her bad experience with Costello.

According to her, she was humiliated by the designer back in 2014 for a charity event. She flew to New York City for a fitting, but she was not happy with how the designer had treated her; she claims that Costello intended to make her feel uncomfortable because the dress given to her does not fit.

She also claims the designer decided to cancel on her the night before the charity gala, causing her to suffer "both personally and professionally."

Costello then spoke to TMZ to say that he's a big fan of hers, and he's been keeping in touch with her team for years after the said incident.

The accusations against Costello came after he exposed Teigen for bullying him; he claims that it took a significant toll on him, driving him to be traumatized, depressed, and even suicidal.

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