In the recent episode of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," aired on Wednesday, Erika Jayne finally breaks her silence about her divorce with ex Tom Girardi that happened during the election season last year.

In the opening of the episode titled "The Divided States Of Erika," the 49-year-old star addresses the news of her divorce.

"There's so many layers to this divorce, it's so f**king complicated. It's very difficult to explain." she said.

The episode then showed Jayne telling her castmates that she did not see her relationship ending that way. 

She then stated she knows that her fellow stars are surprised, and there will be many questions surrounding her separation. She mentioned that she did not expect her relationship to end that way, and she would hold Tom's hand until the end. 

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Following the scene was a flashback from three days ago, when she sent the shocking text message to her co-stars. Kyle Richards hosted an election party, and she was not seen again until the end of the episode. 

At the party, Richards, Garcelle Beauvais, Lisa Rinna, Kathy Hilton, and other cast members gathered to talk about Jayne's situation. Rinna had opened up that she immediately called Jayne as she was surprised by the news.

Jayne was the center of the conversation even after the party. The cast then gathered at brunch as they sat and waited for Jayne and talked about whether everyone had a clue that there's an ongoing separation between them.

The reality TV star finally arrived, and the episode briefly ended with "to be continued..."

Erika Jayne update

Amid the explosive documentary titled "The Housewife and the Hustler," it has been reported recently that Jayne had downgraded to a rental home that costs $7,500 a month. Last month, she put her extravagant $13 million estate up for sale.

As we previously reported, Jayne was dropped by her lawyers amid the case against Tom Girardi. The legal counsel advised her to look for new attorneys as soon as possible for her not to face the consequences. It is still unclear whether Jayne had found new lawyers that will represent her in the case.

The estranged couple stars in a bombshell Hulu documentary that explores their alleged embezzlement scandals.

Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi has not reacted publicly about the recent episode of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

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