Did the best friend of Amy Winehouse betray her? This is what the singer's own family reportedly feels after Tyler James dropped his new tell-all book revolving mostly about Winehouse. 

The family is also disputing the majority of the claims made on the bombshell book. 

A source close to Winehouse's household revealed that the members are very 'disappointed' in James' decision to publish his 'version of events, especially given how the tenth anniversary of Amy's death is already around the corner, and some fanfare is likely to ensue. 

Winehouse and James went way back in terms of their friendship. The late songstress and Tyler James met as early as when they were just 12. They both attended London's Sylvia Young Theatre School. As reported by The Sun, her parents Janis and Mitch believed he was the only friend who was not out to get Winehouse because of her fame or cash in on who she is.

They are starting to have doubts about their beliefs back then because of this book released by James, entitled "My Amy: The Life We Shared."

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"They do not recognize the singer that James portrays in the book - details of which have infuriated Amy's family, including his suggestion he was the only person close to her trying to help her beat her demons," insiders said.

The parents added that the book is full of so many factual errors, even those details about Winehouse's funeral, that one has to wonder if he really is a friend and he is telling the truth in this book. They are especially riled up by the fact that they were not even consulted. 

"Amy's parents are disappointed that Tyler has gone ahead with this book without consulting them, and dispute many of his claims," the insiders claimed. 

They also did not like that James is claiming he is the only friend who was not paid to spend time with Winehouse on her lat days. It was a big claim to make and had made the parents "particularly upset," the insiders said. The family is also said to be wondering what happened to the kid they treated as one of their own. 

Earlier, James claimed that it was being hounded by the media that eventually killed his best friend. He compared Winehouse to Britney Spears and Princess Diana.

"People think they know Amy's story, and obviously she can't tell her story. But I wanted to tell what it was like for her, having to actually live in that world," he explained.

"With that level of fame, that level of intrusion, that lack of privacy. I don't think people really realize the effect that has on a person. She craved normality. The biggest thing that f--ked Amy up was being famous," he added.

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