Queen Elizabeth II remains the longest-reigning monarch. Although she established a notable reign, her death would reportedly give way to Prince Charles and his modernized ways to head the monarchy.

Royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti alleged that Prince Charles would bring something else to the throne as King once Queen Elizabeth II dies.

In an exclusive interview with Express UK, Sacerdoti revealed that both Prince Charles and Prince William undergo training for their important roles in the monarchy. He went on to claim that the two heirs receive more duties as the Queen gets older.

Amid the preparation, the Prince of Wales reportedly prepared to apply a modern element to the throne because of his "clear passions."

"The Royal Family has very cleverly and sensibly, especially in recent years as the Queen has got older and therefore slightly reduced some of the work she does, especially things that may be more tiring to someone in their 90s, they have slowly handed bits to other members of the family," the royal expert said.

While the training is ideal, Sacerdoti hopes that the next succession would continue the path as the future King changes things drastically.

How Prince Charles Will Change The Monarchy

Elsewhere in the interview, the royal expert expressed his hopes toward Prince Charles' desire to apply the changes while continuing the Queen's legacy.

Once it happens, the role of the monarchy would face changes, as well.

Since the beginning, the first reserve to the throne has been prioritizing issues surrounding the environment and British culture. Despite mishaps, Prince Charles would reportedly carry on.

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As for things with Prince Harry, Sacerdoti suggested that Prince Charles would resolve their issues soon. The expert explained that the succession would push him to deal with family dynamics - thus, it would include reconciliation.

Since things still look ugly than ever, he claimed that Prince Charles aims to rebuild his relationship with the children even more.

The Prince of Wales shocked the whole monarchy, as well, even before he ascends to the throne. For what it's worth, he has been publicly telling everyone that he would slim down the monarchy and focus on at least six members of the royal family.

If that happens, the expenses of the monarchy would also be cut down.

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