Princess Diana did not get the chance to see her children again after her death in 1997.

After a few years, Prince William and Prince Harry will spearhead the unveiling of the royal princess' statue on her birthday.

But before the notable event happens, Daily Mail collected all the most controversial theories surrounding her death.

In 2005, Pierre Mutz and Sir John Stevens launched an investigation by talking with the Paris police HQ. At that time, Mutz asked his companion why the senior policeman in Britain started investigating a simple accident.

However, little did the Préfet de Police know, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner actually wanted to conduct the most important investigation yet.

"Because the central allegation I am investigating is that Her Majesty the Queen's husband conspired with MI6 to murder the most famous woman in the world," he said.

The investigation, dubbed Operation Paget, was launched in pursuit to find the answers surrounding Princess Diana's death.

Over 100 allegations of murderous conspiracies, here are the creepiest and shocking claims yet.

The Mysterious Fiat Uno

Initially, they looked into the mystery of Fiat Uno that collided with the Princess of Wales' Mercedes moments before it crashed.

The driver, bodybuilder Le Van Thanh, was only 22 when the tragic accident occurred. This time, he claimed he was never around the area in the early hours of August 31, 1997.

The three-year Operation Paget found out that Van Thanh was truly at the wheel when he bumped into the princess' car.

He claimed that he was working as a security guard and that the car was repainted on August 30. Since red was a lucky color in his home country, Vietnam, he wished it could give him more jobs.

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Princess Diana Was Pregnant

Witnesses said that the Princess of Wales was not expecting a baby when she died. However, the Paget found something else.

Per Stevens, a test was run on the sample of the late princess' blood from the carpet of the car. Following the request of the Paget team, a private forensic company then performed another test to find out whether she has pregnancy hormone HCG.

"Not conclusive but on a sliding scale, no, she was not pregnant. Taken together with other eyewitness accounts, and her use of contraceptives at the time, there is a degree of certainty," the statement debunked.

Embalmation Was Done To Hide Pregnancy?

Al Fayed then claimed that Princess Diana's body was embalmed before Prince Charles and Princess Diana's sisters arrived.

However, Stevens said that the formaldehyde used in the process could lead to false-positive pregnancy. He added that a female embalmer conducted the process in the afternoon following the request of French attorneys.

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