The "Pitch Perfect" actress Rebel Wilson is receiving criticism for her reaction to the newly announced 2-week lockdown that the Australian government implemented.

According to sources, Wilson used her social media platform to share her exasperation and concern towards the news.

Along with a disgruntled selfie, the "Pitch Perfect" star captioned her first picture with "Sydney WTF!!!" followed by another image taken by her mother of empty grocery shelves.

"You can't keep locking down as a strategy," claimed the celebrity in a different Instagram story, which received backlash from netizens who exposed the actress on Twitter.

One user pointed out that the celebrity had no right to talk about the lockdown since Wilson resides in the US, "Sis, the country you decided to move to has no healthcare and let half a million people die. We're gonna do what we need to do to save lives, you stay over there."

A different person emphasized the celebrity's lavish lifestyle amid the pandemic claiming that "when someone is that privileged, they don't deserve to have a platform to discuss these issues."

Netizens Bring Up Rebel Wilson's Controversial Superbowl Appearance and Privilege Lifestyle

As more Australians see Rebel Wilson's public posts, more hate and anger are targeted towards the actress.

"Rebel Wilson getting dragged for filth after commenting on the Covid19 lockdown here in Australia while she resides in a LA mansion, holidays on tropical islands, and flies around on private jets," one Twitter account unflinchingly bashes.

Netizens tell the actress to "shut up" about how Australia handles the pandemic, emphasizing that she's not a health professional.

"Remember she took a jet to the superbowl in the height of covid in USA!" replied one person to another who tweeted Wilson's official Twitter account.

Another user humorously claims that Wilson has been left for dust by the whole Twitter community, "And just like that all of Australia and Twitter turned their backs on Rebel Wilson."


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Actress Concerned About Her Property Investments Amidst Pandemic

The actress is currently filming for Netflix's upcoming "Senior Year" movie in Atlanta, but the actress's attention is elsewhere.

Sources report that Wilson owns a waterfront home and several other investment properties in Birchgrove, Sydney.

The 2-week lockdown immensely affects Wilson's business as Australians are only allowed to leave home for work and nothing else.

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