Years since her death, Princess Diana still fascinates many people around the world.

Many things have already been said about the Princess of Wales as a mother to two kids Prince William and Prince Harry, and as a wife to the future King of Britain, Prince Charles.

However, not much is opened up about what she was like as a boss.

How Was Princess Diana As A Boss?

The late Princess was more casual with her royal staff members, unlike the rest of the royal family.

Her former chef, Darren McGrady, said she wasn't afraid or ashamed to eat with her employees in the kitchen.

He also claimed that Princess Diana didn't enforce strict rules for the staff to follow all the protocols, especially when greeting her.

However, despite her emotional intelligence, the mother-of-two's secretary Patrick Jephson revealed she wasn't always an easy person to work for.

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Patrick alleged that Princess Diana was "quite demanding" and very "meticulous."

He previously told P World in an interview, "Like many significant historical figures, Diana was not always an easy boss to serve."

Patrick described Princess Diana as "an aristocrat to her finger tips, capable of steely defiance if she felt she had been the victim of injustice."

Because of that, she was also a "royal professional" who had set high standards not only for herself but for her team as well.

Princess Diana also reportedly knew that the affection from the public was earned "through hard work" and was typically placed on all royals to "live up to historic expectations of duty and sacrifice."

Patrick also revealed that Princess Diana was "extraordinarily observant, intuitive, organized and quick-witted."

He even claimed that during his early career serving the royals, "a small mistake would be noticed and would often earn her displeasure."

But despite admitting that she wasn't the best royal or the best boss, Patrick Jephson also shared that she had great traits, such as not being shy to show her gratitude to her staff.

The mother of Prince William and Prince Harry is said to be "quick to appreciate" all the hard work her staff has done. She even gave out a lot many handwritten notes of appreciation to them. 

Princess Diana As 'The People's Princess'

Lady Diana Spencer's nickname as "The People's Princess" was given to her because she could connect with many people from different walks of life.

While the rest of the members of the British royal family kept a distance between them and the rest of the world, Princess Diana wasn't afraid to physically touch people by hugging them, giving them handshakes, and even getting down on kids' levels to talk to them properly.

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