Prosecutors are reportedly pissed that Ghislaine Maxwell's legal camp would even dare compare her case to that of Bill Cosby. Cosby was recently released from jail ater his sexual assault case was overturned due to technicality, and while there is public outrage over that, some, like Maxwell's attorney deemed it as a good sign. 

Based on the legal documents that Radar Online was able to gather, prosecutors in her sexual assault case are demanding the judge to ake action against Maxwell's attorney, David Oscar Markus.

On Wednesday, Markus wrote an Op-Ed in the New York Daily News claiming Ghislaine should be released from prison. Why? Because her case is reportedly very similar to Cosby's. If the latter's case can be overturned, so should Maxwell. Note that the attorney made the assertion that his client's case must be dropped not out of its merits, but because of technicality like Cosby's.


"She should not have to fight her case at trial and her case should be thrown out, just like Cosby's has been, because prosecutors promised Epstein when he pleaded guilty that they would not prosecute her," Markus wrote strongly in the Op-Ed. 

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Prosecutors are claiming now that allowing Markus to make these statements in a widely read newspaper is a hazard and he should be stopped.

They want U.S. District Judge Alison J. Nathan -- who is presiding over Jeffrey Epstein's ex's case -- to force Markus to stop talking, not because they are afraid of what he is putting out there, but because they know that it can only obstruct the proper administration of justice.

They are also worried that the Op-Ed could have tained jurors' thoughts and perceptions.

They argued that "not only did his statements directly comment on the merits of this case, but they did so in a manner designed to appeal directly to the pool of potential jurors in this case." They said that what the attorney did was even punishable by law, as his statements "will interfere with a fair trial or otherwise prejudice the due administration of justice." 

It remains to be seen whether the attorney could have secure his client's freedom by his musings on his Op-Ed or he landed himself in legal trouble, instead.

Meanwhile, Cosby is now living large and free, not minding the naysayers who were disappointed with his release. The actor was locked up for two years in a state prison near Philadelphia after being found guilty of the sexual assault of former Temple University employee Andrea Constand  in 2004. But the case is now overturned.


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