A new source explained more why Britney Spears does not want to have mental health evaluation to end her conservatorship.

For the first time since the conservatorship began, Spears personally talked to the judge and requested to end the program. While ending it will never an easy process, there is one part of it the singer does not want to do.

Following her June hearing, the court considered Spears' request but noted that she needs to undergo a mental assessment before the request moves forward.

However, the 39-year-old pop star does not want to take the evaluation due to an alarming reason.

Why Britney Spears Does Not Want a Mental Health Assessment

A source recently tipped PEOPLE in-depth details about Spears' refusal.

Per the insider, the singer feels concerned about the evaluation itself. She also has this lingering trauma she gained in the past years since the conservatorship began.

"She doesn't have much trust for the doctors that she has worked with so far," the source revealed. "She feels like they have failed her."

The court has not commented nor ordered an evaluation yet. But she needs to prepare for the July 14 formal hearing which her father, Jamie Spears, arranged to review Spears' allegations.

What Spears Told The Court

During her 20-minute statement before the court, the pop star repeatedly expressed how traumatized she got due to the abusive conservatorship.

She began her statement by revealing what happened during her 2018 tour. At that time, her management reportedly told her that she would need to find an attorney if she fails to do the tour. She added that her management could sue her for breaching the contract.

Spears alleged that she signed a sheet of paper at that time. But due to the conservatorship, she had to stick with Sam Ingham III.

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The singer alleged that she was put on lithium and suddenly removed the usual medicines that she had been taking for five years. Spears noted that these shiftings happened without any explanation or details about her real diagnosis.

"I told him I was scared, and my doctor had me on six different nurses with this new medication, come to my home, stay with me to monitor me on this new medication, which I never wanted to be on to begin with," she said.

Spears outed more shocking revelations about the program, including how it prevented her from getting married and having more children. After all the things that happened, she only wants two things - end the conservatorship and sue her family.

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