Netflix released a new series of "The Masters of the Universe: Revelation," yet, as fans waited for the sequel's significant return, they already got worried about early reviews disliking the show due to its lead character.

Teela took over and became the star of the show, and He-Man, who was "supposed" to be the lead, became a background character.

As most would know who He-Man is, he is an iconic cartoon character with a cultural mainstay and is also recognized even by those without interest in the cartoon.

Netflix's "The Masters of the Universe: Revelation" was created by Kevin Smith, supported by Mattel Television and Powerhouse Studios, the same creators behind the anime "Castlevania."

Who Is Teela and What Is 'Teela Show'?

Teela is a friend and ally of He-Man. She is the daughter of the captain of the guards in the castle and one of the supporting characters that fans were looking forward to seeing in the new series.

Some fans expected Teela as the star of the series, calling it the "Teela Show." Unhappily, early reviews for the show cited that they wanted a solid male lead or supporting characters in the new show, with "He-Man" being the most glaring absence.

Just as other fans also spoke, whether or not adaptations are faithful to the source material, this issue became an increasing source of division among fanbases these days, resulting in He-Man being the latest thing for the internet to argue over.

In a good note, the show revealed that Sarah Michelle Gellar and Mark Hamill were the voice actors behind the characters, lending their talents to the production.

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'He-Man' and 'The Masters of the Universe' Was Originally Led By Teela

In Comic Years' defense, they assumed that the fans took this chance on causing outrage from the original series episode, "The Monster on the Mountain," back in 1984.

During the whole 21-minute episode, He-Man was on-screen for roughly about four minutes. Instead, the rest of the episode focused on Teela guiding Prince Adam through an adventure to find a monster.

This episode is one of many reflections Teela became the heroic star of the series.

One more point made, the "Masters of the Universe" toy line became a surprise hit for Mattel, they were startled to discover that nearly a quarter of their customers were little girls, even though it was designed by Mattel's "Boys' Toys" division.

The article concluded that Teela was the original heroine. Even if "Masters of the Universe: Revelation" ignores He-Man to be the star and in favour of Teela, it was still close to the original story shown in the sequel.

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