Kelly Clarkson has been good friends with Blake Shelton way before being co-coaches at "The Voice." But recently, their friendship was reportedly tested, and the singer was pissed after not being invited to Shelton's wedding. What's the truth?

According to Globe, the "Catch My Breath" hitmaker is looking forward to Shelton and Gwen Stefani's special day as they maintained a good relationship throughout the show. But, Clarkson was allegedly shocked after not being invited.

A source who spoke to the publication claims that Shelton told everyone that it was going to be a small ceremony and "there was no need to hop on a plane."

Following this, the insider added that Clarkson is furious upon finding out that the occasion "wasn't that small after all" as there were over 50 people who attended the momentous event and the majority of them are friends.

Clarkson allegedly wants to join the pre-party, which took place at "Ole Red" restaurant owned by Shelton and attend the wedding itself, but instead, she was left in Los Angeles while "Blake and his friends were toasting champagne and having a gleeful time."

The source revealed that the singer was even more fuming after finding out that the show's host, Carson Daly, officiate the ceremony and Clarkson thinks it's "an extra kick in the butt."

She thinks that Daly had special treatment and thinks that Shelton's move is a "low blow."

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Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton Feud Debunked

Following the report, Gossip Cop debunked all the issues surrounding "The Voice" coaches.

The outlet mentioned that 50 guests for a wedding are still a small number of people, especially for a celebrity couple. They added that the pair might have prioritized very close friends and family members, the reason why they're selective.

Clarkson may have a good friendship with the newlyweds, but the outlet clarified that it's not a reason for them to invite her to the exclusive event.

The tabloid that reported the article is also not reliable as the information is very little. The outlet also mentioned that Clarkson is probably busy with her life, especially now that she's currently in the process of divorce from her ex, Brandon Blackstock, and balancing her time as a single mother.

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