Alex Rodriguez cannot seem to get over Jennifer Lopez yet that he shows creepy signs that he is following Bennifer. At the same time, he looks like he is plotting something to get revenge.

Rodriguez and Lopez started to ride on different boats following their split. But the exes frequently arrive in the same directions and places.

These may look like a series of coincidences to some, but the timeline and events are nearly similar that they become hair-raising to some.

Due to these bizarre events, one can safely assume that the 46-year-old baseball shortstop will take revenge sooner or later.

Signs That Alex Rodriguez Wants Revenge?

In the past weeks, Rodriguez visited the places near Lopez and Ben Affleck's whereabouts. For what it's worth, the athlete marked his birthday on a smaller yacht around St. Tropez - the same venue where the actress held her birthday.

Rodriguez also moved into a Hamptons mansion which is only a mile away from Lopez's home. Last month, he reportedly chose the place where he could stay throughout summer while looking at potential property to acquire in Manhattan and Hamptons.

He seemingly began his revenge, as well, by inviting NFL reporter Melanie Collins to vacation around St. Tropez.

The two immediately sparked dating rumors, which could affect Lopez's emotional stability - if she is still into him.

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However, the plot did not work out as sources immediately debunked the rumors that Rodriguez is dating Collins.

"Alex has been hanging with friends and family on the trip, including Eric and Jessie James Decker. Melanie is good friends with them," a source revealed. "They're all friends and she'll be at his party."

A-Rod tried to catch his ex's attention again by calling out her friend for not inviting him to the party. Earlier this month, Stevie Mackey held a "Taco Tuesday" party and invited Lopez.

After posting a photo of Stephanie Ferrett at the party, Rodriguez quipped, "Where is my invite - Stevie?!" If he did, he would surely bump into Lopez again.

But Bennifer aside, the athlete also tried to improve himself by flaunting his body transformation which people referred to as "revenge body." The baseball player looked fitter amid Bennifer's early dating rumors in April.

Regardless of what A-Rod plans to happen, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck remain unmoved by any of it as they get steamier than ever.

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