Destry Spielberg's short film ignited a discussion about Hollywood's nepotism and how connections play a big part in the industry.

Nepotism is defined as the act of people in power favoring relatives or friends in terms of employment and opportunities. Written by Stephen King's son Owen, "THE RIGHTWAY" will be featuring Sean Penn's son Hopper and directed by Destry.

The project garnered the attention of the media and fans and a certain named professional industry, sources reported. "The Black List" producer Franklin Leonard quote tweeted an announcement of the young Spielberg's upcoming short.

"Hollywood's a meritocracy, right?" posted the producer, referencing the team of "Nepotism Babies" who worked on the production. Leonard reiterated in another tweet that the casting of the short film "merited trade coverage," which triggered a response from Ben Stiller.

"Too easy @franlinleonard. People, working, creating. Everyone has their path," replied Stiller, who seems to be defending Spielberg's team.

Ben Stiller and Franklin Leonard's Catfight

Ben Stiller cannot hide how affected he is by Franklin Leonard's accusation of nepotism as he argued it out on Twitter.

Ben Stiller is another big name in the industry not because of his humble beginnings but because of his parents. Son of big household names Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara, the "Zoolander" actor sees himself in the same shoes as Spielberg's daughter.

According to Variety, the two publicly discussed their opinions and thoughts about nepotism, seemingly fighting from opposite sides. "Yes. Speaking from experience, and I don't know any of them, I would bet they all have faced challenges," Stiller replied to Leonard.

"I simply reject the claim that the industry is- in the short term or long term- a meritocracy." "I'm saying that untalented people don't really last if they get a break because of who they are or know or are related to," Stiller bit back. The conversation ended with Ben Stiller using a meme of Steve Carell from "The Office." READ ALSO: Marilyn Manson Denies Sexual Assault Claims of 'Game of Thrones' Esmé Bianco, Update on Lawsuit

Twitter Reacts to Destry Spielberg Acknowledged Privilege

After the back and forth between director Ben Stiller and the producer, Destry Spielberg finally responds.

According to E! Spielberg deleted her tweet saying, "People can argue nepotism, but I know deep down that I worked hard to get where I am and it wasn't easy." 

The aspiring director then claims that it's her mission to "bring new talent into the industry & give opportunities to artists of all backgrounds." "So casting Hopper Penn, another nepotism baby, is bringing in new talent?" asked one netizen.

The majority of the replies are sarcastic questions of "But do you? Really?" and "How, exactly?"


"You didn't earn this if your work and name is always at the top of the pile," one person pointed out.

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