Albert Dyrlund, a widely-known Danish YouTube star and Instagram influencer with hundreds of thousands of followers, has met his untimely death. He did by falling hundreds of feet in Italian Alps, all the while doing what he loved, which was vlogging. He was just 22. 

Dyrlund, the influencer comedian and musician, was filming content for his popular YouTube channel when he fell a total of 656 feet off Mount Seceda in Val Gardena. The place is beautiful - scenic but quite high in the mountain range.
When he fell and authorities were alerted, a rescue helicopter was deployed, but it was already of no usee, and Dyrlund was pronounced dead at the scene,  as reported by Italian broadcaster Rai.

His mother, Vibe Jørger Jensen, confirmed her child's death. "We are in great grief, but I would like his fans to know," she said of the YouTuber with 171,000 subscribers, as reported by Newsweek

While Dyrfund's death is untimely and saddening, it is also just one of the latest string of tragic accidents that people have experienced while performing social media stunts. The YouTuber however did not just get into an accident, he died from it. 

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The family is requesting privacy for his family during this difficult time. 

The Denmark's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has already confirmed the death of this well-followed young influencer to Copenhagen newspaper Ekstra Bladet. 

Apart from his large social media followings, as evidenced by his 235,000 Instagram followers, Dyrlund was known for having recorded his own songs "Emoji" and "Waffles." He is also known for his 2019 comedy film "Team Albert."

Those who personally knew him as well as those who have been following his social media career, have taken to Twitter to pay their respects and share poignant tributes to how the YouTuber changed their lives..

"Rip Albert Dyrlund a legend saved my childhood," wrote one follower. 


"Rest in piece Albert Dyrlund," said another fan. "This is pretty surreal. He was only 22 years. for internationals, he had been a Danish youtuber since a young age and very known in Denmark," the fan lamented. 

Just a few days ago, three influencers in Canada died at the same time at Canada waterfall. 

YouTubers Ryker Gamble, Alexey Lyakh and Megan Scraper died on Tuesday after a waterfall swimming accident just north of Vancouver. Because of their past actions and the nature of their Youtube channel, authorities have taken to investigate whether they died when they were filming something risky. 

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