A new never-before-seen video of Prince Charles showed the royal receiving a kiss from a Bollywood actress in the 1980s.

For years, Prince Charles surely attracted several women before marrying the love of his life. But one woman stood out after she kissed the royal prince in public!

Bollywood actress Padmini Kolhapure won the public's attention after she greeted the Prince of Wales with a garland and a kiss on his cheek. During the 1980 visit to India, he dropped by a film studio where a woman kissed her. Nobody knew who the woman was, but the person in question addressed the event in one of her past interviews.

As reported by Times of India, Kolhapure gave a news portal an interview back in 2013. She narrated what truly happened at that time and how she became known as the "woman who kissed Prince Charles."

According to the actress, the royal prince was visiting Mumbai when he expressed his desire to see a shot.

When she greeted him, Kolhapure kissed Prince Charles and caused the event to become a big thing. It became known worldwide that when she visited London, a British immigration officer asked her "Are you the same person who kissed Prince Charles?"

She then felt so much embarrassed for what happened.

Is It Appropriate To Kiss A Royal?

Traditionally, what Kolhapure did broke a royal protocol.

Per BBC, people are not allowed to touch a royal family member unless they offer their hand. The Nobility Association added that only family members can do the act to other royals.

The British Royal family created etiquette rules which started since the establishment of the monarchy. As time went by, the members have adopted the decorum to show respect and courtesy while offering the best for everyone.

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For centuries, people pay respect to the royals by familiarizing the etiquette, as well. The respect extends to the members themselves that they also observe rules to show how one member is higher than another.

For instance, the royal family also follows an order where they enter or sit in accordance with the order of precedence.

Currently, the order goes with Queen Elizabeth II as the first, followed by Prince Philip, Camilla Duchess of Cornwall, Prince William, and Kate Middleton.

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