Queen Elizabeth II's grandson shared the most heartbreaking scene he witnessed during Prince Philip's funeral.

Four months after the royal family said goodbye to Prince Philip, his grandson Peter Phillips reflected on the most painful part of the loss.

Peter, the Queen's eldest grandchild and Princess Anne's son, recently sat for an interview with BBC to share what happened four months ago.

The Duke of Edinburgh's funeral happened during the riskiest days amid the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, Queen Elizabeth II needed to sit alone at the service while the family members could only sit with the members of their households.

At that time, Peter reportedly witnessed how hard it was for the Queen to see Prince Philip's last day without anyone consoling her.

"Our thoughts immediately went to my grandmother. We've been trying to support her as much as we can," he said. "Everybody saw the image of Her Majesty sitting alone. It would have been the same for any other family, the hardest part is not being able to hug those closest to the person who's been lost."

Queen Elizabeth II Faced Same Challenge After Prince Philip's Death

In the same interview, the grandson revealed that, although they were wrecked with the duke's passing, the royals underwent the same heartbreak as others.

Per Peter, Prince Philip's death caused massive sadness among them. But like non-royal families, they needed to see the positive light and focus on the happy memories they had with Prince Philip.

Although it has been months since the funeral took place, Peter continuously honored his grandfather and his worthwhile life as Queen's husband.

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He explained that, at the age of 99, the Duke of Edinburgh accomplished things while being extraordinarily happy as husband, father, and leader of the monarchy.

Prince Philip may no longer be around, but Peter said that he left a huge influence on his life.

Amid the hardships the royal family members face, Princess Anne's son revealed that his two children spend more time with Queen Elizabeth II during the lockdown period. With that opportunity, he revealed that his kids are lucky to meet their two great-grandparents.

"My children certainly appreciate that and know that it's something special," he went on.

Prince Philip died in April after spending a long time in a health care facility. He had been alarming the royal watchers since earlier this year due to his deteriorating health.

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