Britney Spears' judge is under attack by the singer's fans that she's afraid for her life. 

Judge Brenda Penny is making difficult decisions on Britney's conservatorship case. She has faced death threats from angry fans after denying the singer's plea to remove her dad, Jamie Spears, from her conservatorship. 

In court documents, it was revealed that Penny denied the request "without prejudice." 

TMZshared that she has also received death threats from the #FreeBritney movement, with dozens of fans calling for the law official to "die" and "lose her life" after deciding not to remove Brit's dad as her conservator.

Additionally, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department has reportedly been keeping an eye on the online activities" of the fans as several incriminating messages, including racist statements, have been thrown towards Penny. 

One fan reportedly wrote, "Judge Brenda Penny needs to f----g die! Someone investigate that b----h right now!" 

Another fan scathingly tweeted, "I have a feeling this judge Brenda Penny is going to have a horrible mysterious death #freebritney."

Though the posts didn't cause a serious alarm, TMZ claimed that authorities would closely monitor the situation. 

Early this week, the judge shocked everyone when she denied Britney Spears' plea to remove her dad from her conservatorship. 

Additionally, Penny refused to move the "Toxic" singer's court date from September 29th to this month. 

Because of the judge's ruling, it was revealed that the "Womanizer" singer's lawyer Matthew Rosengart, is considering transferring the case to a new level - a federal level. 

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Though Penny's decision wasn't something Britney or her team wanted to hear, the ruling "is far from slowing down their momentum."

An insider revealed to The Sun, "Mathew and his team are still confident about their position in this case and will continue moving forward to remove Jamie from the conservatorship."

Thankfully, the mom-of-two chose Rosengart to represent him, as he has a long history as a federal prosecutor. 

Per the source, if Britney Spears' team did decide to go this route, Rosengart has the experience and will undoubtedly fight tooth and nail to win the case. 

Meanwhile, Britney Spears' mom Lynne calls out the angry fans to stop attacking her and her other daughter Jamie Lynne over the famous singer's conservatorship battle. 

"Stop!" Lynne has written several comments on her IG post, defending herself and Jamie Lynne against the accusations that she doesn't advocate enough for Britney to be free.

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