Kelly Clarkson is currently in Las Vegas a day after a judge has ruled she gets to keep her millions in a nasty prenup battle with ex-husband Brandon Blackstock.

The former "American Idol" alum enjoys a day out of California for a girls' weekend and celebrates her win as she lives her best life.

The 39-year-old "The Kelly Clarkson Show" host told her social media followers that she escaped to the desert and even shared a selfie with her friends surrounding her.

In another photo, Clarkson captioned, "Friends, Vegas, Top Golf, and George Strait.... I dare you to have a better time than me right now."

After the judge upheld their prenuptial agreement, a new report by TMZ claims that Kelly Clarkson, who has a net worth of $45 million, reportedly wants to go full steam ahead in selling the Montana ranch she owns her ex is currently living.

Famous divorce attorney Laura Wasser reportedly asked the judge for permission to sell the ranch, to which the music manager's lawyers objected, with no ruling on the prenuptial agreement at the time.

But now, with Blackstock still living in Clarkson's ranch, the outlet suggests that her lawyers would have filed the official documents to determine the conditions in which the farm could be sold.

Now, the next logical step, according to TMZ, would be for the "Breakaway" singer to go back to the court and set some ground rules for selling the Montana ranch.

This would reportedly include "how often it can be shown, how much advance notice should Brandon receive."

But one option on the table is the judge ordering Brandon Blackstock to move out of the home Clarkson owns.


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Last month, it was reported that Kelly Clarkson had been ordered to pay her ex nearly $200,000 monthly in spousal and child support.

Clarkson makes $2.4 million monthly, while Blackstock generates $10,000 in monthly income.

In the months leading to their divorce hearing, Blackstock has reportedly kept contesting the prenuptial agreement they signed and wanted to split their properties equally, in addition to the income that Clarkson earned throughout their marriage.

Thankfully, the judge had stopped his request.

Aside from his ex-wife, Blackstock also lost a client, Clarkson's friend and fellow coach Blake Shelton.

According to reports, the country superstar has decided to fire his music manager after years of being in business.

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