Ben Affleck is reportedly burning through his millions of net worth to keep his girlfriend Jennifer Lopez happy. 

He reportedly has no qualms about his grand gestures, which he likes to do in the eyes of everyone.

An insider revealed to OK! magazine that the 48-year-old Hollywood A-lister paid for his and JLo's luxury getaway in France and Italy last month, including a mega-yacht and gifting his 52-year-old girlfriend a custom diamond-and-gold necklace for her birthday.

The insider said, "Ben forked over a ton of money for the boat, private jets, jewelry and expensive meals and champagne." 

Jennifer Lopez reportedly loves her boyfriend, splashing out a lot of cash for her; the insider also added that demanding Ben to pay for her things is something she has been demanding from him, despite the "Hustlers" actress being relatively richer than the "Gone Girl" actor. 

However, it seems like Ben can't help but do it no matter the cost because it is his way of impressing JLo. 

Per the source, "Ben's convinced he needs to do it to impress her." 

"Plus, he's always gotten a huge rush spending his money."

The insider added that the way he's throwing it around, you'd think he's a billionaire, but he's not even close!" 

Meanwhile, another report by Us Weekly is claiming that the newly rekindled couple wants to have a baby together.

Another insider revealed to the outlet that the "Jenny From the Block" singer always wanted another child, despite having a set of twins already. 

As for the "Batman v. Superman" star, he's on board because he already thinks his relationship with JLo will last this time. 

"Ben is in his element with Jennifer because she doesn't try to change who he is. Plus, Jennifer always thought her family would be with Ben."

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Ben Affleck 2021 Net Worth: Is Jennifer Lopez Really Richer?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Ben Affleck can really afford to pay for his and Jennifer Lopez's luxury getaways and perhaps even the $85 million mansion they've been looking at the past few weeks. 

Ben Affleck has a total net worth of $150 million, thanks to his roles in several blockbuster movies. 

However, JLo is indeed richer than Ben. 

Celebrity Net Worth reported that Jennifer Lopez has an estimated net worth of $400 million as of this year. Her current salary per year is $40 million. 

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