Cute Nastya rejoice! On Tuesday, the 7-year-old YouTube superstar, whose account has over 220 million subscribers, announced her first ever toy collection.

The toys are made in collaboration with Jazwares and an NFT collection, as reported by People magazine. The Nastya Fancy Princess Surprise Doll, an 8-inch Nastya look-alike doll that has 50 unique features, including outfits, accessories, and many more, is designed for girls aged 4 to 6.

The series also has extra Nastya 8-inch themed dolls including Sleepy Time, Princess and Rock Star, 12 different collectable 3-inch figures, Nastya Bedroom Play set, plush toys and headbands.

They technically are the dream come true for every Nastya fans out there, which are mostly girls.

The toys will be sold in the USA and the United Kingdom at stores from $4.99 to $39.99, including Target, Amazon, and Claire, starting this autumn. The collection will be delivered in several drops nationwide by spring 2022.

Nastya will also be starting an NFT collection with Gary Vaynerchuk's VaynerNFT together with the toy line. Nastya's Originals officially debuts on the Bitsky platform on 24 August. 

"Based on Nastya's unbelievable success as a young content creator and role-model, imaginative play is the focus in our toy line so we are bringing to life and extending Nastya's colorful adventures and positive messages," stated Laura Zebersky, president of Jazwares.

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Eyal Baumel, CEO of Yoola and Nastya's manager, also gushed about the deal. "Millions of kids and families around the world embrace Nastya as a friend and role model, and we are excited to expand Nastya's universe into the physical world with the new toy line, and in the metaverse with our unique NFT program," he said.

Just 7, social media influencer 'Like Nastya' has frequently been dubbed as the 'most-watched' or 'biggest' You-Tuber in the world. This means that at her very tender age, she could be earning more money than anyone, even adults could ever handle. Although the kid is too young to understand the monetary side of things, her fame is undeniable. With an audience of more than 220 Million subscribers across all social media, it is no surprise that Nastya was included in the Forbes Highest-Paid You-Tubers list in two consecutive years of 2019 and 2020


"Like Nastya" represents just a fraction of the success kid's overall YouTube empire. She and her team are at the helm of 10 channels - most of which feature localized versions of approximately the same videos on her main account. They are featued in German, Portuguese, Vietnamese, and more - but they cannot be undermined. Collectively, they garnered 120 million subscribers and 50 billion lifetime views.

She's actually beating another wonder kid Youtuber, Ryan's hits lately. 

Ryan's YouTube channel has recently been getting at least 800 million monthly views, which is nothing to scoff at. But Nastya's views are double that amount at least. She's getting upwards of 2 billion monthly views on the Like Nastya channel alone.

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