"Jeopardy!" fans began to handpick their preferred host again and brought MatPat's name to the spotlight.

Amid the recent twists and turns in Alex Trebek's hosting position, "Jeopardy!" saw a potential host that everyone seems to have approved.

On Twitter, the hashtag #WhoIsMatPat conquered the trending list. While it seems like it does not have anything to do with "Jeopardy!" the topic is actually related to the game show.

Under the category, the game show's viewers promoted YouTuber's MatPat petition to make him the new host. The content creator created the petition on change.org and shared it in his recent video on his channel, The Film Theorists.

MatPat for Jeopardy began the appeal and set Jeopardy, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Harry Friedman, and Mike Richards as the decision-makers.

According to the description, the petition aims to show the game show's team that MatPat would love to be part of "Jeopardy!" even as a guest host. It also noted how the content creator already brought entertainment and education to his channel supporters.

In fact, he already launched his shows like "Game Theory," "Film Theory," "Food Theory," and gaming talk show "GTLive."

As of the writing, over 22,000 out of 25,000 already signed to show support to MatPat.

Why Choosing MatPat Would Be Best, According to Him and Fans

In his YouTube video, MatPat explained that hailing a new and younger host would serve as a good strategy in inviting young audiences and viewers to watch the show. He also highlighted how YouTubers like him are already used to working in environments like "Jeopardy!"

"I think I'd be great... You get 0% of the jobs you don't apply for, so here I am! I have four YouTube channels that have threaded the needle of information and entertainment for four years," he said.

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Meanwhile, some fans started approving the thought of seeing him behind the show's podium.

One viewer shared the petition link alongside the caption, "#WHOISMATPAT Give content creators a chance to host @Jeopardy the world would be a better place."

"Unironically, Mat Pat would be an excellent host for @Jeopardy - I 100% support this #whoismatpat," another wrote.

However, like Richards and Bialik, MatPat also deals with his past controversies that could affect his run as a host, if ever.

For what it's worth, he used transphobic language in his video and made a transphobic "attack helicopter" joke. He was also once accused of plagiarism and stealing fan art to include in his videos.

The recent events only proved that Trebek's absence will never be filled at all.

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