Jennifer Coolidge is emerging from a deep, dark place. She said she had suffered from a massive depression in the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, where most people were forced to just stay home and be alone.

For those who does not recognise Jennifer Coolidge's name, they will certainly know her when they saw her face or hear her voice. More than anything, they'll recognize her from the iconic film, "Legally Blonde" where she was given the the equally iconic tip, "Bend and Snap!" She has other shows and movies in her portfolio though.



Once recognized, no one is likely to tell that she's the one to suffer from a depression. Her image seems to be someone just cheerful about life, after all. However, in a latest interview, she debunked this impression of her and shared that she has just recently emerged from a bad stint of depression.

She's a stalwart of romcoms and comedies so it feels impossible that she could have suffered a debilitating mental health issue, but she's now saying otherwise. This interview actually marks one of the few that she was generous about her personal life, since she's known to keep her private from her public lives very separate.

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Jennifer, 60, has been single for most of her life. If she dated around or had a man in her life at one point, she kept all these under wraps.

At present, the actress is getting raving reviews for her appearance in "White Lotus" on Netflix. Her role here is of a rich, single woman dealing with the recent death of her mother. 

Speaking with the Guardian, Jennifer said she'd suffered horribly from depression during the lockdown and that for all intents and purposes, she actually related to her "White Lotus" character because of how her life has been so far. 

"I was really affected by the pandemic. It was an incredibly sad time. I was reading tragic news stories on a daily basis, had a fatalistic approach and assumed the virus was going to win," she said.

At one point, she thought she would not make it through.

"I knew people who lost their lives and was convinced we wouldn't make it through. I wasn't thinking about work, because I didn't think we'd be alive," she explained. This is why when she was offered her "White Lotus" role by Mike White, she almost said no, because it entailed travelling. Good thing though that she said yes, because her outlook is so much more positive now. Her bout of depression however, helped her in portraying Tanya properly.

"What helped is that my character, Tanya had parallels to me personally. I'd been incredibly depressed during the pandemic," she said. 

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