Will Keanu Reeves be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? The media giant seemingly drops a hint which they backtrack just moments after, but fans are speculating he will become a superhero on big screens soon!

According to Screen Rant, Marvel UK tweeted a photo of Reeves with a greeting for his birthday. However, the post was deleted shortly after.

"Keanu Reeves has had a career resurgence in recent years, and that was in no small part to the John Wick series of films. Keanu celebrates his 57th birthday today, and hopefully gets presents. Lots of presents." Marvel UK & Ireland wrote obtained by a fan.

The Hollywood legend has been a household name since he rose to fame decades ago. With his hit film franchises like "The Matrix" and "John Wick," it is highly possible that Reeves will put on his superhero costume for Marvel.

Other known personalities in the field of the film had also joined the MCU, like Angelina Jolie in "Eternals," Samuel L. Jackson in several movies, and more.

Fans Went Crazy

Twitter blew up with thousands of tweets expressing their excitement for Reeve's possible appearance following the post.


"And now they deleted it so suspicious," one fan wrote.

"I find it strange that Marvel UK is sharing a post about today being Keanu Reeves' birthday. Do they know something we don't since he hasn't been in the MCU so far," one tweeted.

Other supporters also speculated on the possible comic book role that he'll play if he's joining the MCU.

"There were rumors he might play the Johnny Blaze version of Ghost Rider. Wonder if that's true," one wrote.

"Happy birthday to the legendary Keanu reeves who nearly ended up playing marvels kraven the hunter," another one wrote.

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Is It Possible For Keanu Reeves To Join MCU?

At the time of this writing, Keanu Reeves nor Marvel has not confirmed whether the actor will land a role at any MCU films.

Per the outlet mentioned above, Marvel UK most likely deleted the birthday greeting because of the commotion it caused online and whoever greeted the actor is probably a fan who handles the media giant's Twitter account.

Keanu Reeve's Upcoming Films

It seems like the actor is jampacked with upcoming films as "The Matrix: Ressurections" is expected to hit theatres later this year.

On the other hand, a new "John Wick" film is currently in the works, and Reeves previously mentioned that the movie franchise would continue in the future if fans want it.

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