Child actor and "Riverdale" star Cole Sprouse posted on his Instagram story calling his fans' insane' for going after his girlfriend, Ari Fournier.

The 'Riverdale' star can't seem to handle any more unwanted attention from his fangirls. As several of his 35.5 million followers have shown him just how much they dislike his girlfriend, the heartthrob couldn't keep himself from publicly lashing out on social media.

According to sources, Cole is one of the most highly sought-after men in today's generation, and everyone wants him for themselves by the looks of it.

The 29-year old had recently uploaded a photo of him and his Canadian model beau as a way to greet Ari on her birthday. However, the photo was taken down by Instagram not even a week after Sprouse posted it.

Cole Exposes His Fans

Cole immediately informed his fans of their uncivilized behavior by calling them out on his IG story, revealing why Instagram deleted the picture.

Many of his followers had reported the post out of spite. The celebrity shared a screenshot notifying him that people had flagged his birthday greeting for Fournier inappropriate as it violates Instagram's community guidelines.

In the eyes of his fans, Cole Sprouse had allegedly spread "violence and incitement" on the photo-sharing app just by uploading a pic of his girl.

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Cole Sprouse VS 14-Year-Olds

"These kids are insane," the actor stated in his Instagram story exposing the real reason why the app had deleted his sweet birthday post for Ari Fournier.

This kind of activity is not new to Sprouse as this has happened multiple times in the past. E! reported that the former Disney star had previously trolled his followers with a witty caption he attached to a different post dedicated to the Elite model.

"Time to piss off the 14yos again," the caption read as Cole acknowledged the immature side of his fanbase, who quickly gets triggered by a photo of his beautiful GF.

Moreover, no one takes pettiness to a whole other level like the "Five Feet Apart" lead. The sole purpose of Cole's alternative IG account is to catch fans in the act of photographing him.

Under the handle @camera_duels, the public figure informs his 5.5M followers that he keeps an eye out for everyone who secretly attempts to take a picture of him and that "may the fastest camera win."

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