Chrissy Teigen is reportedly lavishing her celebrity friends with gifts so that she could get on their good side and take her back following the bullying scandal.

A source gave the details to OK! magazine, revealing that she is going to great lengths by providing gifts and even showering her friends with compliments after being canceled by celebrities and fans last June.

Despite posting an apology publicly, the scandal has resulted in derailing her thriving career. Chrissy reportedly even lost fans, as well as celebrity pals.

But her strategy to get back into their good graces is by giving them gifts.

After finding out that her "superficial apologies" weren't going anywhere, she has reportedly changed her tactics.

Per the source, "She beame the nicest, most generous person ever."

The source added the 35-year-old mom of two is trying to woo Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon by sending them cookbooks, makeups, and many more.

"She includes handwritten notes and lays on the flattery nice and thick."

Aside from the gift, Chrissy Teigen reportedly promised a few people that her husband, John Legend, would perform at their parties.

The scandal started after the cookbook author's series of past disturbing tweets directed at other celebrities made its round on social media, and everybody is just appalled.

Chrissy, who was once the most-loved social media personality, immediately became the most-hated person after the tweets showed how much she harassed a then 16-year-old Courtney Stodden and taunted them to kill themselves, along with other horrible attacks on their character.

Other alleged victims of Chrissy's bullying also emerged, including "Teen Mom" star Farrah Abraham and even "Project Runway" alum Michael Costello, both of whom claimed they were harassed. The latter victim reportedly causes him to become suicidal.


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Chrissy Teigen at First Major Outing After Scandal

Chrissy and her "The Voice" coach husband were just some of the A-list celebrities spotted at Barack Obama. After several people were uninvited to the party, the couple didn't lose their spot.

Referring to the model's photos and videos she shared on her social media during the event, "She wanted folks to know that she and John made the list."

The source added, "Now she's hoping that other Hollywood heavyweights will follow suit and welcome her back into the fold."

Chrissy is reportedly extremely desperate to redeem herself following her nightmare of a scandal that has come to light.

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