Camilla still has not forgotten how Prince Andrew treated her and Prince Charles, especially after Princess Diana's death.

Amid Prince Andrew's ongoing legal battle, the royal prince lost an ally for good as a royal journalist highlighted his bad blood with Camilla.

In a new post by Express UK, royal journalist Richard Kay disclosed that the Duchess of Cornwall went through a lot after Princess Diana's death. Per the expert, the duchess always thought Prince Andrew could have done more for Prince Charles.

"The Queen listens to Andrew and he could have helped his brother at a time when he had few allies within the family," he continued. "In fact, I would go so far as to say he was deeply unhelpful when support would have meant a huge amount to her and the Prince."

When Prince Charles and Camilla suffered from criticisms after Princess Diana outed her truth, they received little to zero support from the royal family. The Duchess of Cambridge particularly expected the Duke of York to support and help them.

However, Prince Andrew reportedly did nothing but play politics.

Even after all these years, Kay noted that she has not forgotten at all.

Is Camilla Okay With Prince Andrew's Family?

Despite the quarrel between Camilla and Prince Andrew, the duchess is reportedly very fond of his daughters, Eugenie and Beatrice.

According to Kay, Camilla even sent a handwritten letter to Eugenie when she missed her royal wedding in 2018.

As for her relationship with Sarah Ferguson, the duchess also never grew closer to her.

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"You would have thought the two women's shared experiences as royal outsiders might have brought them together," Kay said.

Prince Charles himself also shares a long-standing feud with his brother. The heir to the throne has been particularly jealous of Prince Andrew since the younger brother always gets the attention of Queen Elizabeth II.

This probably contributed to the Prince of Wales' plans to slim the monarchy once he becomes king. Prince Charles and Camilla were reportedly aware of how Prince Andrew had spread lies about the duchess to Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.

The future king is also not a fan of Ferguson as they do not get on personally. He also reportedly felt Prince Andrew's wife sided with Princess Diana over Camilla.

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